27 October 2010

curved lines

Both of these photos were taken because I liked the curved lines. It's not often that you find a fence that curves.  The verdigris colour is also unusual, as are the pine cone finials. 

This was taken during my woodland walk a few weeks ago.  The tracks are no longer used and I like how they disappear into the woods.  Maybe on my next walk, I'll follow them just to see how far they go.


  1. I agree these are beautiful lines.

  2. Such lovely images...I too love the curves and lines. I'd like to know where the tracks lead to. Sounds like a fun walk. Have a lovely week. ♥

  3. I think I mentioned on Flickr how much I loved this fence image, Lynda. Beautiful and unusual in so many ways, as you say. It's wonderful paired with the railroad track! xo – g

  4. beautiful colors
    beautiful compositions!!
    i like a lot!

  5. Lovely! That fence finial reminds me of old British furniture...I forget the name of the style, but famous for the "pineapples".

  6. Oh, how I love that gorgeous fence!

    I love pictures that leave a bit to the imagination...that make you wish you could step inside and see what lies beyond.


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