12 October 2010

woodland walk

We took advantage of the beautiful weather over the weekend to take a woodland walk.  Right in the centre of town is an old mill pond surrounded by trees and paths.

Most of the trees are wearing the most beautiful shades of red, gold and orange right now.  I loved how the colours reflected on the water.

The colours are even more intense against the bright blue sky.

This is actually an old railway trestle that's been converted into a bridge ... a perfect spot to stop and take in Autumn's colour.


  1. Wow ! it's beautiful ! fairy ♥

  2. What a beautiful day for a walk! Great shots :)

  3. You've muted autumn's color to a tone that is very restful on the eyes. What a nice place to walk right in the middle of town.

  4. Perfectly gorgeous autumn images, Lynda! I love the reflections and the bridge – so calm and contemplative. We have very little fall color here yet. Today it's going to be nearly 70 degrees and sunny! You know what I will be doing. xoxo – g

  5. Hello there fellow Canadian!

    I just found you in Somerset and immediately came to your blog. What a beautiful beautiful space you have created here. Your photography is exquisite.

    I think I will wander around for a little while....

  6. Thank you for this lovely autumn walk, Lynda :o) ((HUGS))


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