19 October 2010

apple days

One of my favourite things about Autumn is apples.  There are a lot of apple orchards around me so I have quick and easy access to fresh apples whenever I want them.

I love baking with apples ... apple pies, crisps and apple sauce.

The basket is a vintage apple basket that I bought at an antique flea market a couple of years ago.  It's filled with a mixture of Macintosh, Cortland and Red Delicious apples.  

The orchards are almost picked out now ... I might make one more trip to buy another bag or two to last into the winter.

What's your favourite apple and the best way to enjoy them?


  1. What a beautiful blog Lynda, I just love your images!
    You have a wonderful gift :))

    As for apples, I am without a doubt, a greenie,
    Macintosh it is for me!

    Jeanne :))

  2. So pretty! I can almost smell the sweet scent of the apples and feel the crunch of the leaves underfoot...

  3. Me, too, Lynda. Love apples! Gorgeous, evocative images and I love the basket.

    My all time favorite is a very crisp, very cold Red Delicious, served with extra sharp cheddar. But I just this second finished a glorious Fuji which was heaven in each bite. Last year we went to a local organic farm where you could sample all the apples. We were there for hours. The Pinova was especially memoriable.

    But for applesauce, there is only one in our family – Gravenstein. We used to have an orchard of them.

    And yes, apple crisp and apple pie. I made my usual gallons of Gravenstein applesauce last month which will see us through the winter.

    Ahh, apples! xo

  4. So lovely, Lynda!

    For baking... oh, I do love the Milwaukee and Detroit. So perfect, but my supply dried up this year :( And it's a shame you can't get Cox apples in Ontario, because they are so tart and perfect for baking and juicing.

    For eating, I'm happy with whatever is handy :)


  5. gorgeous images Lynda! I also do love apples,anything apple will do for me.Please keep on posting more of these awesome images.

  6. Oh a good crisp is hard to beat, which I make with Cortlands. For eating, I like a basic, fresh and juicy Mac. For sweet, a Red Delicious, for tart a Granny Smith. I like lots and lots of varieties actually. Beautiful photography as always...

  7. Lynda you images are so so gorgeous. That basket is a fabulous find!

    I love apple pie on cool autumn nights.

    Thank you for your lovely visit, have a great week xox

  8. Oh, I love these photos, Lynda... and I just love apple time now! I love a greenish, crisp, tart apple... a Granny Smith, a Macintosh. And I'll take apples anyway--apple crumble, apple butter, apple cake, apple cider, dried apples...anything! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  9. These images are so gorgeous! I love apples and apple orchards...they just scream fall. I love Macintosh apples. They are yummy and pretty.

  10. Oh Lynda, it is always a treat when visiting here with you. I love apples. With all the delicious varieties, it is hard for me to pick a favorite. I love them from sweet to tart:o)

    Enjoy a most lovely weekend dear friend.



  11. Lynda, MAGNIFICIENT PHOTOS of apples and the trees....so soft, fresh and inviting!!!!

    The apples in the basket look so fabulous, just perfect!!!!!

    Wonderful Photography!!!!!

    Oh, I have got to share my apples with my boys and our horse...we love them fresh; washed and enjoyed with "hearty" bites!!

  12. Delicious pictures Lynda.. They make me hungry for apple pie. :)
    How wonderful to be surrounded by orchards!

    Mandy Lynne

  13. Nothing speaks of fall more than a scrumptious apple crisp. So comforting.


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