30 July 2014

Summer blues

Blue is my all time favourite colour and I love blue hydrangeas!  Paired with blue and white transfer ware, they make the perfect Summer display.

In the past, my cut hydrangeas always wilted which made me hesitant to cut them to bring inside.  I'd pinned a tip about preventing cut hydrangeas from wilting by dipping the stems in boiling water for 30 seconds before arranging them so I decided to try it.  Guess what?  It worked!  My hydrangeas stayed fresh and wilt free for over a week.

We've been dealing with leaks this week.  I discovered a leak in the basement from a broken pipe that needed to be repaired immediately.  Thankfully, I have a very talented brother who fixed it and saved us a fortune by not having to hire a plumber!  While he was here, he replaced my kitchen faucet.  I've learned that plumbing repairs never go as planned.  We're dealing with builder's grade materials that are aging and wearing out so we also ended up replacing both drains in the sink because one was rusted through and broke as soon as it was touched.  A few trips to Home Depot and about two days of work had everything running smoothly again and I have a lovely new kitchen faucet.  In the middle of this, our fridge was leaking from a clogged drain that is also now thankfully fixed.  And a shower faucet that hasn't worked in almost two years has finally been replaced.  Our home is nice and dry again and everything is working as it should.  A good feeling!

22 July 2014

More peonies

I couldn't resist having just one more bouquet of peonies!  Mine finished blooming weeks ago but a vendor at the farmer's market last Saturday was still selling them from her garden.  She said this would be the last week so I decided to indulge.

I chose this barely there colour - not quite white but not quite pink - and tucked them into my favourite vintage ironstone pitcher.

I rarely buy flowers in the summer months as I can usually find something from the garden to bring inside. 

My father is still staying with us after having a couple of falls while we have some modifications made to his home.  We expect to have the renovations finished around mid-August.  Things have been a bit busier than usual trying to organize everything he'll need in a short amount of time but it's all gradually coming together.

Have a lovely week!

8 July 2014

Lavender blues ... and a health update!

Summer keeps blessing us with beauty on a daily basis!  Every time I go out to my garden, there's something new blooming or preparing to bloom.  The Winter was very hard on my hydrangeas.  Four of them bounced back not too badly but my pink one is struggling and I'm not sure it's going to make it.  It's funny how the soil affects the colour of the hydrangeas.  On one bush I can have blue, pink or lavender!  I'm rather partial to the lavender blue colour you see in the photo above.

And of course the lavender is blooming too!  I removed my oldest and largest lavender plant this spring because it had become so overgrown and woody and replaced it with a new one.  It will be another year before the new one flowers.  This plant has been in the garden for a couple of years and bloomed quite well this year.  As I have a lot of dried lavender in the house, I decided to leave the flowers for the bees.  Speaking of bees, I seem to have quite a few of them burrowing in the garden around this lavender plant!  I never knew ground bees even existed but they do.  They don't bother me so I'm leaving them to do what bees do best. 

I saw my oncologist last Friday to see how I'm tolerating the tamoxifen.  My ca125 hit an all time high of 6707 at the end of April, then dropped to 6083 on June 11 and was 1645 on Friday!  So it looks like the tamoxifen is working.  Unless something changes, I don't need to go back until the beginning of September so I'm pretty happy about the results.

The not so good news is that my 84 year old father fell down the stairs last Thursday night.  The ambulance took him to ER where, praise God, nothing was broken.  Then he fell again Saturday morning.  Other than scrapes and bruises, thankfully he's okay.  He's been staying with us since Saturday and we're in the process of making his home more liveable for him.  That will involve things like having stair lifts installed, arranging for more care at home and having an occupational therapist assess his home to make it more accessible.  Lots to do before he can go back home.

3 July 2014

Notes from the garden - pretty in pink

David Austin - Mary Rose

More garden photos!  My house has been turned upside down from the garage sale last weekend.  We were really happy with the results and sold the big pieces that we were hoping to.  I sold my wicker set (yay!) - not for as much as I'd hoped, but I got a decent price.  Some of the smaller stuff didn't sell so we packed it up and dropped it off at the Salvation Army.  I broke my rule that whatever didn't sell wasn't coming back into the house.  A set of blue and white transfer ware that I put out didn't sell and I decided to keep it.  Oh well ... everything else went!

New Dawn
The day of the garage sale was hot and humid.  We started setting up at 6:30 in the morning and people started to arrive before 7:00 even though we advertised the start time as 8:00.  I'm glad we started setting up early otherwise we might have missed a sale or two.  It was definitely worth advertising in our local paper.  I think we got a lot more traffic especially since our street is a little off the beaten path.

I decided to have a Canada Day BBQ on Tuesday so it's been a busy week!  I'm still recovering and my energy level is a little lower than usual.  I think the heat and humidity drained me more than I realized.  It's much cooler today and I'm actually enjoying it! 

Back to the garden ... while the rabbits completely destroyed my Heavenly Blue morning glories, these red ones have managed to survive.  My brother-in-law brought me the seeds last year from their garden in Germany and they've thrived in spite of the rabbits.  I'm not normally partial to red morning glories but these are really pretty and at this stage, any morning glory is better than none.

I had wanted to share a couple more photos of my roses but when I went to photograph them, there were spiders on them!  Big ones.  {shudder}  I know spiders are supposed to be good for the garden but I don't like them.  At all.  So just two roses got photographed this time. 

Now that it's July (what happened to June?) I'm planning to cut back and just enjoy the Summer.  It flies by so quickly.  A stack of books and the porch is calling!  Have a lovely weekend and Happy 4th to my American friends!  

See you soon ...


24 June 2014

Red, white and blue

Nothing says Summer like peonies and fresh strawberries!  I've been indulging in our locally grown strawberries for the past week and just can't get enough.  We're fortunate to not only have a large Farmer's Market every Saturday but also several farms nearby where I can buy fresh berries during the week.  Right now, I'm enjoying them on my cereal for breakfast, with yoghurt at lunch and a dish with cream at dinner - and the occasional indulgence of strawberry shortcake!

My white peonies are just about finished.  There's just a few more flowers left but they've been oh so beautiful this year!   I placed them in a vintage blue and white Mason pitcher and paired them with some of my blue and white transfer ware.  Red, white and blue is such a fresh combination for Summer!

The pitcher has a small chip on the bottom which I think only adds to it's charm!

Were having a garage sale this Saturday.  This falls into the "what was I thinking?" category but at the time, it seemed like a good idea.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we'll be able to re-home some of the "stuff" that we no longer want or need.  In the meantime, there's a lot of work to be done!

Enjoy this lovely first week of Summer!