20 November 2014

Autumn snow

Hello friends!  It's been awhile since I've posted!  Early October was busy with our Thanksgiving preparations (it seems so long ago now!) which kept me away.  And then I came down with some sort of respiratory thing that they're still trying to figure out.  Apparently, I only have about 74% of my lung function and an xray yesterday revealed some fluid in my right lung and some "fullness" that they want a CT scan of.  I see my oncologist in just a few weeks so he'll take care of that.  In the meantime, I'm feeling a little better so I'm optimistic that this was maybe just a virus and is on it's way out!

We've had snow!  Quite a lot of it for this time of year - I don't remember ever having this much snow this early.  It did make for some pretty photos though and maybe I did get a little carried away.  :)

I can't believe that next week is American Thanksgiving and the beginning of Advent after that!  I confess that I've put away my Autumn decor (it looked a little out of place with all the snow outside!) and have brought out a few wintery things, pine cones and such.  I like to wait until Advent to begin decorating for Christmas and will add things gradually over the coming weeks.

How about you?  Have you started putting up your Christmas decor?


  1. It's good to see a post from you! I pray that your lung problems are a thing of the past. Your snow photos are lovely!

  2. I always forget that I haven't heard from you when I pin so many of your pins! Sorry that you had that virus or cold or whatever the nasty thing was. We had it for the entire month of October...cough, hack, fever, chills, hack some more. Praying that you are over the hump now.

    Your photos of snow look so dreamy. We have only traces of snow left. Yes, the autumn decor is still up until after Thanksgiving, but I can see why one would find it out of place with so much snow outside and, besides, you Canadians are such practical folks when it comes to Thanksgiving. My mom used to marry the holidays and, if it snows, I may do that as well!

    Wishing you all good days and happy decorating and a blessed Advent Season.

  3. Hi my friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you. Your photo's are so soft and serene. We have no snow yet but wont be long I'm afraid. Looking at your pictures just remind me that snow can be beautiful too! Hope you and Bobby are well! Stay warm!

  4. Welcome back and I hope you continue to feel better. Love your snow pictures. It would sure be nice for everyone if winter left as quickly as it arrived!

  5. I am so sorry to her that you were sick, Lynda, and I hope you are all better real soon.
    You really did get quite a bit of snow.
    Last week was bitter cold here, and we had a bit of ice and snow mixed
    It's a bit early for that, even here in NY State! :-)

    I have not begun to decorate for Christmas yet. I like to wait until after Thanksgiving.

    I wish you a beautiful week, sweet friend, and you be sure to take good care of you! xo.

  6. I have been away myself from the blogging world and am just now catching up. I hope that whatever it was that was making you feel sick is long gone by now and that you are enjoying the holidays!! We have had no snow to speak of this year, but you sure did!! Lovely images.

  7. Just peeking in to say hello. Thinking of you so had to come looking...

  8. I've been thinking of you, Lynda, so I thought I would stop by and see if you're still blogging. Looks like it's been a while! I hope all is well. Spring has to be coming soon. The snow was so pretty when you posted it but now it's just getting old! We need to photograph flowers coming up in the garden : )


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