25 October 2010

a perfect autumn day

While I was in the garden, I looked up and noticed how beautiful our tree looked in the afternoon sun. The sky was such an intense shade of blue and the leaves looked like they were made of gold. I ran inside for my camera so I could capture this perfect autumn day.


  1. A stunning shot, Lynda. It's sweet and simple (I love anything sweet and simple.^_^.)
    Enjoy the new week. xx

  2. So lovely... those leaves like delicate fingers, still reaching for the sky, the warmth of the sun...mmm... :o) Happy Day, Lynda ((HUGS))

  3. Lynda your images with the soft look continue to inspire me!How did
    she do that I ask myself!
    We never did get together since I healed from my journey and now I've moved to God's country.I suppose we can always make plans to meet at Springridge before it closed for the season! I need to get yummy preserved supplies.

  4. ... And this one looks so gorgeous...so full of poetry1
    Really lovely Lynda!

  5. Beautifully captured, Lynda! The softness adds to the wistful mood of autumn. I'm sure you'll always remember that moment with this this lovely image to remind you. xo – g


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