17 June 2014

Pink Peonies

I was blessed with an abundance of peonies this year.  It's not often that I can cut enough flowers to enjoy several bouquets so I've really been enjoying them.  And they're still blooming!

Peonies are delicate and just one heavy rain away from total destruction so I don't feel the least bit guilty cutting them to bring inside.

This peony was divided from one in my Mom's garden that she had for years.  The original plant is gone now but mine is thriving and I'm so grateful to have it.

This is my favourite ironstone pitcher and I use it for almost all my flowers.  It's the perfect height and shape.  Vintage white ironstone isn't something I find too often although it has been awhile since I've hit the flea/antique markets!  (I think I need to get out there again!)

I'm hoping to cut the last few this morning before the rain comes later today.  It's devastating to see all the petals on the ground afterwards!


  1. Peonies are such gorgeous and elegant flowers. They wear their ruffles proudly. Ours are gone already, but I'm enjoying seeing others blooming in blogdom.

  2. They are fragile and lovely and positively dreamy... Had to pin one from your Pinterest folder...

  3. Peonies are my favorite, but mine are not producing buds for some reason. Your photos are perfection in my opinion. Love every photo!

    1. I'm sorry your peonies aren't producing buds, Elizabeth! Check to see that they're not planted too deep and they're getting enough sun.

  4. Lynda, your peonies are so beautiful.
    I have an ironstone pitcher too, and the only things that goes in it each year are my white peonies.
    You are so right about the rains. Our white ones took a real beating a couple of days ago due to the rain. Fortunately, I had enjoyed them quite a bit before they were damaged.

    You have a wonderful evening, my friend. xo.

  5. I do love peonies too and you are so right, they certainly don't last long enough for me either. You have captured them beautifully. I read your last post about your visit to the oncologist. I am so praying and hoping that the drug works. Good thoughts your way!!


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