20 June 2014

Notes from the garden

I've been taking a lot of photos of the garden this year.  It's something I haven't done much of for awhile.  I thought I'd share some of these photos on my blog from time to time as a record of my garden's progress.

I have two Jacob's Ladders - one purple, one white.  They have such pretty, delicate flowers and are prolific bloomers.  Once they've finished flowering, I'll cut the stocks off and usually get rewarded with a second blooming later in the summer.

Golden mock orange has beautiful light green foliage and small white flowers that smell absolutely wonderful! 

Chive blossoms ... a garden staple!  The bees like them too.

My white peonies ... they bloom almost a week later than the pink ones which extends the peony season in the garden for me.  The bottom peony is another that I transplanted from my Mom's garden - a gift to her from my brother.  I have a few more peony photos to share next week. 

Happy Summer!


  1. Oh so that's what Jacob's Ladder looks like in bloom. We had some for its fern value not realizing it bloomed. Sadly, it didn't make it where I planted it. You can't have enough peony photos for me. Love them and enjoy seeing all the variety.

    1. I love the foliage of Jacob's Ladder! Even when not blooming it's pretty. Sorry yours didn't make it.

      I feel the same way about peonies - I can never have enough! xo

  2. Everything here is so beautiful, Lynda.
    My white peonies bloom before my pink ones!! :-)

    I wish you a wonderful weekend, sweet friend. xo.

  3. Beautiful. I think I want to try growing some chives!


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