13 June 2014

Last of the lilacs

My neighbour's mother surprised me with these lovely white lilacs a week ago!   She lives further north and east of us so her lilacs were still blooming beautifully.  My white lilacs had just a few blooms this year so I didn't cut any.  Which made these all the more special!

I'm so grateful that she extended the lilac season for me for another week! 

I saw my oncologist a couple of days ago to get the results of my last CT scan.   Unfortunately, the tumours are still growing.  He said because of the location of the tumours, it could take awhile before I start to feel any symptoms.  If I start chemo now, I'm going to feel sick but to just sit back and let the tumours grow is hard to do.  So we decided to try tamoxifen.  It has few side effects and has a 10-15% success rate in treating ovarian tumours.  If it works, I can stay on it for a long time (years).  Our goal is to stabilize the tumours and ultimately, start shrinking them.  I'll see my oncologist again in a month's time to see how I'm tolerating the tamoxifen then will probably have another scan a month or two later to determine if it's working.

One last thing ... the peonies are blooming!!  :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Your lilacs are just beautiful, Lynda ~ I miss our old lilacs bushes so much. But we were able to bring with us the old peony bush from our old place, and it had more blossoms than ever on it! I am sorry to read that the tumors are growing, and I will pray that the tomoxifen works for you.

    1. I'm so glad you're still able to enjoy your peony from your old home. It's sad having to leave favourite flowers behind.

      Thanks for your prayers, Laurie! xo

  2. What a sweetheart your neighbor's mom is!! These lilacs are so beautiful, Lynda, and I love the white pitcher you have them in.

    I am sorry to hear that those mean tumors are still growing, but I believe that you will be in that 10-15% success rate. I just know that, my friend.

    You are in my prayers each day.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend. xo.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! xo

      I know I'm going to be in that 10-15% too. :)

  3. There really is nothing like a bouquet of white lilacs. This is a dear gift from a dear friend.

    Well...now we know how to pray...that the tamoxifen does a good job. Keep looking up!

    Oh, my two peonies are blooming. Something ate the third bud. Since there are only two, I think that they are very valuable.

  4. I've been blessed with an abundance of peonies this year - the most blooms I've ever had! Is your peony new? I'm sorry that you didn't get many flowers. That's disappointing!

    Thanks for your prayers, Vee! xo

  5. Beautiful photos as always. I'm praying for you!

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Elizabeth! xo

  6. your neighbours mum knew the perfect gift to give you ♥ the lilacs are so beautiful & of course, your amazing photography has done them wonderful justice.
    here's to new treatment and success and lots more flower filled days this Summer xoxo
    hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.


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