15 April 2014

What a difference a day makes!

This morning we awoke to a Winter wonderland ... in the middle of April! 

The snow fell in big, heavy flakes but it won't last long.  In fact, it's already melting.  This was just Winter's way of saying good-bye ... and don't forget me.

Yesterday ... and today!
Remember those scilla from yesterday?  Well, this is what they looked like this morning!  I think this is it for the snow and cold.  Warmer days are coming!


  1. This "little reminder" of winter showed up here about an hour ago.
    They are saying 3 inches, but it's going to get awfully cold again for a couple of days.
    I think you're right. This is the last of it. :-)

    As always, your photographs are so beautiful, my friend.

    Have a wonderful evening! xo.

  2. The snow this morning was quite pretty, but I hope this is the last of it as you said. Love your photography and thank you very much for your kind words on my blog.

  3. I see you and I had the same weather....now I am definitely done, sure hope Mother Nature agrees. But it was quite pretty as is your beautiful images.

  4. Still, it's a bit of a shock. Hope that the plants weather the storm and that it'll be gone very soon. Snow on flowers makes a great photo op, though.

  5. didn't expect as much snow as we received!
    the pot of pansies I had planted really showed it's resistance :-)
    lovely photos Lynda, as always xo

  6. I trust your snow has melted? We got the same storm overnight on Tuesday-night-into-Wednesday-morning, so I woke to snow on Wednesday. (You may have seen the pics on my blog?) But it is long gone now, and each day everything is a little greener, in time for celebrating Easter. It worked out well that Easter is "late" on the calendar this year, since Mother Nature seems to be sleeping in! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend, and have some time and company to celebrate and feast!

  7. This winter is nuts! LOL Today is sunny and chilly...I ache to feel warm weather again... Soon, I hope.


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