14 April 2014

Hints of Spring

This morning I took a walk in the garden and was pleasantly surprised to find these scilla blooming!  Surprised because I didn't plant them there ... but I like this kind of surprise.

The lilacs are starting to bud.  A few warm days and a little rain does wonders!  The snow has finally melted from our yard and we've gradually started to clean up.  It feels so good to be outdoors again!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comments and emails on my last post.  I'm so thankful for friends like *you*.


  1. It looks like you're right about where we are spring-wise, Lynda. We made it to a very unseasonable 80 degrees yesterday (no complaints here!!), but we have snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow with the temps dropping to 19! Only in NY, I say. :-)

    You always post the most lovely photographs here, my friend, and it is always such a pleasure when you "pop up" in my reader.

    Have a wonderful evening. xo.

  2. My lilacs look a lot like yours...about the same stage. The scilla is a flower I am unfamiliar with. I love the volunteers in my garden, too. I planted none of the columbine, but I have three varieties.

  3. I am thankful for your beautiful posts and photos! These are lovely...not much blooming here. We did get more snow though...


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