23 April 2014

Hydrangeas, iPads and pies

Did you have a nice Easter?  I was feeling a little under the weather last week with what I think was just allergies.  But I was all stuffed up and headache-y so I took it easy for a few days and caught up on some reading.  I've really taken to reading books and magazines on my iPad although nothing can ever replace the feel of holding a real book in my hands.

This wasn't my Easter table setting but just something I was playing around with.  I had baked a lemon meringue pie and indulged in a pot of hydrangeas the same day.   They looked so pretty sitting on the table that I grabbed some plates and glasses and took a few photos. The hydrangeas have faded now but I'm going to plant them in a pot outside just as soon as our temperatures are consistently above freezing at night.  We had a gorgeous Spring day on Monday - 22° celsius!  As tempted as I was to get out there and pull off the garden's winter coverings, I realized that it would be short lived and we'd be back to cold temperatures the next day. 

I'm wondering if any other iPad users have a problem leaving comments on Blogger.  I use my iPad to read blogs but whenever I try to comment, it freezes up.  So frustrating!  I've tried using Chrome instead of Safari but it still happens.  It only seems  to be Blogger blogs that are affected.  So I end up commenting all at once when I turn on my desktop (which is becoming less and less often).  I'd really like to know if anyone else has experienced this and if so, if it can be fixed.  I miss commenting!

I'm enjoying reading and seeing photos of what's blooming on your blogs.  By the time Spring reaches us in earnest, some of you will already be into Summer!  Hopefully, I'll get things fixed up and back to commenting regularly very soon.

"That is one good thing about this world ... there are always sure to be more Springs."
- Lucy Maud Montgomery


  1. such a pretty table setting ~ your lemon meringue pie looks absolutely delish!
    planted our Easter Hydrangea a few years ago with great results ♥
    have been thinking of getting an ipad too (like you, I prefer to hold a book in my hand, but they are handy while traveling)
    hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday xo

  2. Your blue hydrangeas & blue/white dishes are very pretty! :) I prefer to read the old fashioned way - especially at night. I read somewhere that using a screen to read at night messes up your natural melatonin levels; I've noticed I sleep better when I stay off our ipad in the evening so it seems. I prefer to comment/type on our desktop, though. ;) Have a great week!
    ♥ Lara

  3. Hmm, not sure you can comment from an IPAD or an IPHONE...maybe someone will have an answer. I know I cannot from my i-phone, must be on my computer, which somedays doesn't get turned on.
    Anyway....love those pretty blue hydrangeas, and your lemon meringue pie looks scrumptious.

  4. Sorry that you were under the weather; hope that you are feeling a lot better these days. I like the way you play! The pie, the hydrangea, the dishes, all look lovely. As for commenting on blogs with the iPad...definitely a challenge requiring one to circle around editing and waiting for the thing to unfreeze. If I have trouble with it, I write my comment in an email. That never seems to freeze. Then I select all and copy and paste back in the comment box. If all else fails, and I have the blogger's email, I can simply send that along directly. It's not as easy as the desk-top that's for sure.

  5. I hope you are feeling all better real soon, Lynda.
    My goodness, these photographs are so pretty. I love hydrangeas, and especially the blue ones.

    I am not having the same issue as you are with Blogger blogs, but am having an issue in that each tme I leave a comment on one, I get an email sent to my SPAM box, saying that the "email" I sent was undeliverable. The comment I leave gets posted, and all seems okay, except for the fact that I get the note. Strange, for sure.

    I hope you're having a great week, my friend. It's cold here, but hopefully soon, it will warm up some. xo.

  6. What gorgeous photos! I am loving blue and white these days, and determined to collect some blue and white transferware. I also don't have any hydrangea in my yard. Hmmmm.... and come to think of it, I haven't ever made a lemon meringue pie! Well, herein lies the problem of coveting the pretty vignettes on other people's blogs. I always come away saying Oh, I want some of that goodness too! Ah well, thanks for the inspiration. I really enjoy your pics!

  7. Yes...I have problems commenting with my iPad too! So it seems like I don't visit blogs as often...I do...just don't comment as much! I too read everything on my iPad via my Kindle app. I will admit, as much as I miss the real books, I don't miss the piles of books and magazines!!! LOL...I'm turning into such a minimalist!


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