20 January 2014

A touch of Summer

Until last year, I had never seen a citrus tree that could be grown indoors.  On one of my rare outings last Winter, I saw these trees at a local greenhouse and immediately knew that I wanted one for my living room.  I also knew that I wasn't up to looking after it so decided to wait until after I had surgery and finished chemo.  When I went back to buy one last June, they were all sold.

My mind was made up; I was going to have a lemon tree in my living room.  On Saturday, I finally got one ... and it was definitely worth the wait.  Apparently they do quite well indoors and can be taken outside during the warm Summer months.  They need a lot of light so it's beside a south facing window where it gets light pretty much all day.  It's covered with blooms which smell absolutely wonderful!  A touch of Summer in the middle of Winter!

There are even a few little lemons beginning to form.  It takes 7-9 months for the lemons to mature and in ideal conditions, the plants can grow as tall as 8 feet!  I doubt that mine will grow that tall - but you never know!

Notice who's peering around the corner?  Our little Maggie doesn't like to be photographed and runs away every time I have my camera out.  I was using my tripod with the timer so she never realized she was being photographed.  Now I know how to trick her!

We're heading into another deep freeze this week so I don't think I'll be venturing out anywhere.  I finished painting the mirror frame that I had wanted to finish before Christmas and will be sharing photos of it in an upcoming post.  I'm still doing a little organizing and decluttering too.  Most of the big stuff is finished but as I tidy things up, I'm tossing anything that I no longer use, want or need.  And whenever the cold gets to me, I go and sit beside my lemon tree and breathe deep.  :)



  1. I love your lemon tree! The winter photos in your blog header are lovely too.

  2. Awwww, Linda, your little Maggie is adorable!

    I never knew you could grow a lemon tree indoors. I've seen them many times in nurseries here, and you can bet I'm going to pick one up after seeing yours. The flowers are just beautiful.

    Our next blast of cold began this afternoon, and it looks like it will continue for the rest of the week. :-(

    Stay warm, and have a wonderful week. xo.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! We think she's pretty cute. :)

      I hope you do get a lemon tree! The scent of the flowers is worth it! We need a touch of Summer especially with this harsh Winter. Stay warm and think Spring! xoxo


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