24 January 2014

The colour of sunshine

Maybe it's because it's so cold outside (as I'm writing this the wind is rattling the windows and I can feel the draught) and sunshine has been scarce but I've been drawn to the colour yellow lately.  These lemons and yellow primrose found their way into my grocery cart this week and their colour has really brightened things up.

I had forgotten how much I like yellow.  Not a bright garish yellow but a soft buttery yellow.  I'm craving more colour in my home.  I've been cutting images from magazines and flipping through my stash of decor and garden books looking at combinations of colours.  One thing I've learned is that my colour preferences change seasonally.  Maybe yours do too.

But I am seeing a trend.  I prefer soft muted colours to bright ones.  And I like faded floral fabrics.  So why don't I have more of these colours and patterns in my home? 

Something else tugging at me is an urge to sew.  It's been a few years since my sewing machine has had a workout.  There are several quilting projects that have been pushed aside that are now finding their way to the top of my to do list.  Those will add some colour!

This is what I love about January.  It gives me time to step back from the doing, a chance to rest and reflect.  A cup of tea and a stack of Victoria magazines (the old issues please, not the new ones) have me decorating my home over and over in my head.  Some days I'm living in an old Georgian manor, other days have me living in a cottage by the sea. Through all this daydreaming, I discover what it is I really want for my home.  Warmth and comfort and love.

And flowers the colour of sunshine.  :)



  1. You're singing my song! Yellow...soft yellow...

    Perhaps a shopping trip to the fabric store is in your future.

  2. I have this very same issue in the grocery store, Lynda.
    Things just jump in and end of coming home with me!!! :-)
    These yellows are wonderful. We have had very, very little sunshine, and so this is indeed a special treat.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend. xo.

  3. These photos make me so happy. I it makes me want to go buy lemons and start taking photos!

  4. Buttery yellow in the midst of a dull grey winter - oh YES!!! You've inspired me to find colour to add to my grocery cart today (if I DARE to go out -- blowing a gale and snowing and frigid...do I REALLY need to go out???).

  5. I have a bowl of lemons on my counter waiting to be turned into lemon bars :-)
    beautiful, cheery photos ... I love the primrose ♥
    hope you are having a wonderful Sunday xo

  6. I need some yellow in my life! Just beautiful!

  7. Yes, some nice yellow is always a welcome in these long winter months. Thanks for brightening my day!!

  8. May I wish you the happiest New Year dearest Lynda! I think,of you often. I have been in your area quite a bit however always on bus, doc.. Family..etc. one day for sure I'll call ahead and we can sit over a cup of tea. Lemons do bring a ray of sunshine into a dreary winters colourless day! I drink a cup of lemon water each morning

  9. We all need a little brightness in this very long and cold winter. I hope you were able to get some of that sewing done! I really have a hard time making myself sit at the machine the past few years. The older Victoria magazines are definitely better! There are several of my own I still peruse. Back when they still had beautiful fashion and romantic images!


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