8 July 2013

Pretty Cosmos

I've never had cosmos in my garden before and I don't know why!  They're gorgeous and so easy to grow.  I only planted four this spring, just to see how they'd do.  It tends to get very windy around here and even though I planted them by a fence, I wasn't sure how they'd manage getting battered about.  They're doing just great.  I'm already planning to plant more, lots more, next spring.

The bees love them too!  This little guy was busily going from flower to flower as I snapped away.  A few actually turned out.  :)

We had a really lovely Canada Day weekend.  The weather was nice, not raining (for a change) or so muggy that you feel like you're in a sauna!  We were able to spend most of the weekend out in the garden and are actually making some progress.  Finally.  This past weekend was another story.  Wet, hot and humid.  And there are armies of mosquitoes are out there, ready to attack the minute you step out the door.

I also saw my oncologist last Wednesday.  Physical exam revealed no tumours.  He was pretty confident that I was in remission. A follow up appointment was scheduled for six months but my blood work hadn't come back yet.  My nurse assured me she'd call later that day.  We waited and waited. No phone call.  Finally she called just before noon on Thursday.  Not good.  My CA125 was 1455!  Way, way too high.  It should be well below 35.  Back to the cancer centre Friday to have the test repeated in case it was a false positive.  I should get the results today or tomorrow.  I'm trying not to worry.

See you soon!


  1. It is a challenge not to worry, but worrying isn't going to change things. I'm praying that it was a false negative. Those happen quite often.

    Cosmos...I have had that in my garden. Now I'm wondering if I still do. The bees do love it and it's so graceful swaying in the breezes. The stem is slender for holding up such a larger flower.

    Love to you...

  2. Your cosmos are so beautiful, Lynda.
    Please know that I am praying real hard. xo

  3. Oh I am definitely praying that your 2nd bloodwork proves differently and that you are definitely in remission. Saying "don't worry" is fruitless, I know...but be kind to yourself and try to think positive thoughts. Lovely cosmos, think about those!!

  4. Love the Cosmos - I have them in my garden too & there always seems to be a butterfly or bee nearby enjoying them also. I gathered some seeds from an English Country garden in the Muskoka's about 17 years ago :-) brought them home in an envelope and just scattered them in our garden. They are such easy self seeders.
    Sending love & prayers & positive thoughts your way xo

  5. Trying not to worry in situations like this is like trying not to breathe!! Sending you plenty of warm, positive thoughts...and much love xoxox


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