26 June 2013

Lavender Days

I've been spending as much time as I can in the garden.  It's good to be out there again, even if I'm not quite up to doing everything I want get done.  No digging yet but I can pull weeds - and there are a lot of those! 

Picking lavender is one of my favourite things to do.  It takes time to cut each stalk and allows me to daydream as I go along.  The bees like the lavender too but we get along pretty well together.  I make sure I leave lots of flowers behind for them to enjoy.  There's plenty to share.

Lavender is my favouite scent to use around my home.  I dry the bundles that I pick from my garden to hang around the house.  I also use dried lavender buds to make sachets for my linen cupboard and am always looking for lavender scented products to use.  The handmade soap above is from Post Road Vintage and it smells wonderful! 

Like many of you, I've been scrambling to find another way to follow my favourite blogs since Google Reader is shutting down in just a few days.  After trying out a couple of different readers (amd making a complete mess of my blog list in the process!), I finally decided to use Bloglovin'.  It was super easy to transfer from Google and so far I'm liking it.  A lot.  You can follow my blog by clicking the Bloglovin' button on my sidebar.

See you soon!

Lynda xo


  1. Lynda, your lavender is just beautiful, and I am so glad that you are out in your garden!

    Our lavender has just begun to bloom, so in a few days I'll be out there with my camera. :-)

    I hope you've had a wonderful day!

  2. You capture images that I can "feel" -- and I can smell this lavender! I love how you leave some for the bees...there is plenty to share..so sweet. As for those weeds, yes there are always plenty of those to keep you busy! Glad you are outdoors and enjoying the garden! xo

  3. Very nice lavender...and a relaxing task to gather and make sachets for the house. Don't overdo with the weed-pulling, which can get intense around here. Yes, I like bloglovin, too. Must figure out how to add their button to my sidebar.

  4. I love lavender and I can almost smell the heady scent while I am enjoying your photos.

  5. Such pretty photos. Lavender is one of my most favourite things.
    I have started using Bloglovin' over the last few months & find it really handy, especially when I get an email everyday with blog post updates.

  6. I love the scent of lavender, it is so calming. Beautiful photos, Lynda and so happy to hear that you are out in the garden. The garden is certainly a place to heal.

  7. Hi Lynda,
    I tried to visit you the other day and could not. I'm happy I tried again. Thanks for looking at the Mallow photo's. I did find the correct name for them. They are called Checker Mallow and this one is 'Little Princess' and I can collect seeds..I for sure will send you some..along with all the info for them..if you want of course! I so love the lavender and you present them so beautifuly. Hugs to you my friend...

  8. What a lovely post. Lavender is just pure delight.
    I love lavender tea.


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