18 June 2013

Soft Pastel Peonies

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June." ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

My peonies are in full bloom and they're beautiful this year.  With the exception of the abundance of weeds, I really think my garden has done better with neglect.  Most of my plants had to fend for themselves last year.  I watered when I could, deadheaded once in awhile, fertilized never, yet this year I'm rewarded by an abundance of blooms! 

One problem I have is that my beautiful pink peony has powdery mildew.  It appeared last year and I tried spraying it and *thought* I had it under control, but by Fall, it was once again covered with it.  I wasn't able to cut this peony back before Winter so now the powdery mildew has taken over.  Once it's finished blooming, I thought I'd cut it back and begin spraying every two weeks.  I only use natural, homemade remedies in my garden and am using a baking powder/soap/water solution for the mildew.  It's planted where it gets lots of sun so I'm not really sure why it gets mildew.  Have you ever had a problem with powdery mildew on your peonies?  How did you get rid of it?  My Mom divided this peony from her garden when we first moved into our house so I don't want to lose it.  It's always been special to me but even more so now.

Luckily, the blooms aren't affected!  So far, I've picked two huge bunches to bring inside and the bushes are still full.  I keep bringing more inside because they're just one heavy rain or strong wind away from being ruined.

You'll have to forgive me for once again going a little overboard with the photos!  I was having so much fun photographing and editing them, that I had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few photos.

I've signed up for Kim Klassen's Round Trip summer session and am learning so much!  I bought Lightroom 4 about a year and a half ago but never felt that I was using it to its potential.  Kim explains everything so well in easy to follow videos.  I'm completely loving Lightroom and what it can do!

These photos were all edited in Lightroom then moved to Photoshop to add a bit of texture.  I used Kelly from Kim's Cloth and Paper Collection and Whitewashed by Florabella.  Lately I've been drawn to soft, barely there textures if I use them at all.  Sometimes a little texture can go a long way!

June really is the loveliest month in the garden.  The Summer heat hasn't wilted it yet and the bugs haven't eaten everything in sight.  I might have another bunch of peony photos to come ~ that is if the weather and the light cooperates!

See you soon!



  1. Linda, these are absolutely gorgeous, and you have photographed them so beautifully.

    Our white peonies are just about done now, but the pink ones are still in the bud stage, so I am looking forward to them.

    Wish I could help with the powdery mildew. :-(

    It was so great to see a post from you, come up in my reader!!!


  2. Oh do bring them on! I gasped...literally...to see that first photo and the following ones...so lovely, Lynda. I can see that first one in wallpaper. I'd have it around me always...that way I'd be sure to keep June all year through. I don't have powdery mildew, though if any peonies should have it, mine should as they do not grow in full sun. (I did recently read that peonies adore neglect.)

  3. Oh, these are so gorgeous, Lynda! I absolutely love peonies. They photograph so wonderfully, don't you think?! Sorry, I have no idea about the powdery mildew. xo

  4. Ohhhh peonies. So voluptuous and devine, they are. My favourite flower.
    Looking at these beautiful images makes me wish for a spring day... just one day though. Because Autumn is on its way!!!


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