7 June 2013

For the love of lilacs

I went a little overboard photographing my lilacs this year.  A combination of not having had my camera out in months and wanting to capture my favourite of all the spring flowers.

In my tiny garden, I have 6 lilacs, all of them syringa vulgaris or common lilac.  I need to keep them pruned so they don't grow out of control but I've left two of them alone to grow as tall as they like.  They're over ten feet now and were absolutely covered in blooms this year.

Lilacs don't make the best cut flowers, usually wilting within a couple of days but it's worth it to have the house filled with their fragrance.

These are the common lilacs that I'm familiar with, always the same soft purple with a wonderful scent.  If you drive along any rural road, you'll often see a lilac bush in the middle of a field where a farmhouse once stood.

Already beginning to wilt.


An antique ironstone pitcher is filled with pink and purple lilacs on top of a dresser in the upstairs hall.

Now that the lilacs are over for another Spring, the peonies are getting ready to burst open.  We're experiencing cooler than normal weather that has delayed them but they should be blooming early next week.  I'll be ready with my camera as soon as they're open!

See you soon!  xo


  1. This is beautiful, Lynda! Do you know lilacs are edible flowers? I was utterly inspired when discovered that fact :) I made a lilac sugar and shared it on my blog. Enjoy the abundance of Spring!

  2. I don't know that I've seen pink lilacs before. I was just out trimming the spent blossoms yesterday and I'm afraid that I've done some erratic lopping. I will be eager to see your photographs of the peonies as I still remember some of your peony photos and they are always exceptional. Feel stronger every day!

  3. You caught these at just the right moments! And yes, they wilt so quickly but the fragrance and the scent is heavenly. This was a very good year for lilacs wasn't it...our "tree" is quite large now and for the last few years hasn't produced much. This year made up for all the sparse years -- it was truly an abundance! Can't wait to see your peonies!

  4. What would we do without the sight and small of Lilac's? They are such a delight to welcome spring. I don't know why they have such a spell over so many of us but I'm so glad they do...Beautiful photo's you have captured my friend. Hope all is well...

  5. Glad to see you doing what you love the most again. Much Love Leah

  6. Beautiful - love that you have filled the pitcher full of lilac. Our lilac bush is getting old (24 yrs) and producing less blooms each year so I only snip of a few here & there, but like you I love them inside the house. Now it's all about the peony.
    Doing some catch up reading here - sending love & best wishes your way.


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