18 July 2013

Soft Pink Roses

My New Dawn climbing rose has taken a little break from blooming but just last week, it was chock full of beautiful soft pink roses.  They'll be back once the temperatures cool down a little.  I've had to water twice a day on more than one occasion - in the morning and again in the evening.  The poor hydrangeas just can't seem to get enough water and the bird baths are practically empty by the end of the day.  The birds are constantly drinking and bathing themselves and I've even seen a few "arguments" as some birds are getting a little possessive.  One robin in particular seems to think that it's their own and chases away any other bird that dares come by to have a drink.

Already the cicadas are buzzing in the trees and I'm enjoying these lazy hazy days.  Not much is getting accomplished but isn't that what summer's all about?  Most mornings, I like to sit on the porch with my coffee reading or daydreaming until it gets too hot to stay outside.  I signed up for a jewelery making course taught by the wonderful Andrea Singarella and hosted by Jeanne Oliver.  Andrea is an amazing teacher and I've already made a bracelet and a pair of earrings.  More than a few hours have been spent browsing through Etsy for beads!

Just a little update on my recent test results ... I had my CA125 repeated and it went up even higher to 1575.  I had a CT scan this morning of my chest, abdomen and pelvis and I see my oncologist next Wednesday to get the results. I'm optimistic that my scan will be clear and I'll be in remission!

See you soon!



  1. Your roses are such a perfect shade of pink...I had to sang one...you probably figured as much!

    Thank you for the update on your health. Standing with you in faith believing for a good report. Sounds as if you are feeling well, which is such a blessing.

    This heat is knocking the wind out of my sails...I watered yesterday and must get me franny out of this chair before the flowers keel over.

    1. sang one? obviously, i was on the iPad...snag I mean.

  2. I'm glad that you updated us on your health -- been thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers!

    As for your roses...simply gorgeous! It's been a hot few days and the garden and the birds feel it -- when I was watering the garden the other day the birds were dropping to the ground, helping themselves!! xoxo

  3. Such beautiful images of your gorgeous roses. I too enjoy the coffee on the porch but this last week has been so ghastly hot I have not been able to enjoy it....cool front on it's way, should be back on the porch in the morning.

    Jewelry can become very addictive....have fun!!

    Prayers are with you, sweets, that all will show total remission.

  4. Lynda, your roses are gorgeous!
    Up until yesterday, we had 2 weeks of temps in the 90s, and everything that was blooming just kind of came to a halt, including my climbing roses.
    It's cooler now, so I am hoping they will perk up again.

    I took a jewelry class many years ago, and I just had so much fun with it! I hope you do to. I could never make up my mind as to what beads to choose, etc. There are so many beautiful ones, but it was always fun to look.

    Always keeping you in my prayers. xo.

  5. Your roses are so beautiful Lynda. Such a delicate shade & I am sure they have been a wonderful inspiration for lots of picture taking. So grateful for the drop in temperatures.
    Your jewelry making class sounds like a lot of fun. Andrea makes such gorgeous pieces of jewelry.
    Sending lots of positive thoughts & hugs your way xo

  6. Although I have thought about it off and on, you are making me desire a New Dawn rose bush all the more! I'm glad to hear you are doing well, Lynda. Here's to reading positive results from your CT scan in the coming days!!!

  7. my mother loved these roses
    I'm very sorry about your mom
    I want to tell you somethin, in 1995 I was ill, cancer...but after the cobaltoteraphy and the chemotherapy, 3 years later, my beautiful son was borned...I am completely healed :)
    you will be fine too, soon, I'm sure about it

    best regards :)

    (sorry about my english :( )


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