29 November 2012

It's time to get cosy!

Yes, it’s been awhile … again. I’ll bring you up to date in a few days (promise!) but for now I wanted to let you know that the latest issue of Homebound magazine is now available.  I’m honoured to once again be a contributor to this gorgeous magazine, created by the fabulous Heather Anderson.

This issue is chock full of cosy Christmas decorating ideas as well as recipes.  This is the time of year that makes me want to spend all day decorating my home and filling it with delicious smells from the kitchen.

The free e-zine version can be viewed on Heather’s blog here.  You can also purchase the full print version for just $19.95 here or the full digital version for $3.95 directly from Post Road Vintage.

Am I back blogging again? I sure hope so … I didn’t think I’d be away this long!  See you in a few days.


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