27 June 2012

White Peonies

Hi everyone!  How's your week going so far?  I thought I'd share photos of these white peonies from my garden.  Of course, they're finished for another year now but they were oh so beautiful this year!

Once again, my "vase" of choice is a mason jar!  :)  I'm using them more and more in my decorating.

The barn lantern is a recent purchase from a local craft fair.  It's a reproduction but has just the right amount of rust and patina so I had to have it!

One of my favourite things about summer is having a constant supply of fresh flowers.  There's usually something in the garden that's ready to be picked, even if it's just a single rose.

Just another little update:  B.'s chemo was rescheduled to next week due to his low white blood cell count.  This is the first time he's been delayed and I'm sure it won't be the last.  Now he has a week to do nothing but rest and build up those white blood cells!  

And thanks for sharing your tips on how you beat the Summer heat and humidity... it looks like we're in for another scorcher starting tomorrow and I'm ready to try a couple of drinks that were suggested.  Have a great week!  See you soon.  xo, Lynda


  1. Ah, white peonies! So beautiful, Lynda! Sending positive thoughts to you and your hubby to build up those White Blood Cells!!!

  2. what a beautiful series of peony images...quite lovely. It is heading to 100 here tomorrow, so my suggestion will be...."stay inside in the AC." Just bought an ice-cream maker so that will help as well.

  3. Oh my goodness those peony photos are stunning. Old canning jars just make me happy and they sure do come in handy as a way to organize stuff. It's suppose to be in the triple digits and a good way to keep cool...water, ice, and wedge of lemon in a frosty mug.

  4. I have never met a peony, I did not love, but whites are my absolute favorite, and you have photographed these so beautifully, Lynda! I just love each of the compositions.

    Sending "B" prayers for more white blood cells.


  5. So much white on your blog, Lynda, and I love it. It's all crisp and clean looking. You already know I covet your Peonies. They're just perfect with a touch of pink in the center. I too have a huge fondness for the canning jars. Often times I wonder if people will notice that I've photographed and posted the same jar a hundred times. LOL!

    I hope your husband continues on a good path. Sending warm and healing thoughts to the both of you.


  6. I think the white peonies are the most beautiful and your photos show them off to perfection, Lynda! I hope you stay cool this weekend. Amazing how fast it changes, isn't it? And sending continued positive thoughts and wishes your way.


  7. I'm so drawn to all things white, especially flowers [in a jar]. You've captured the quiet beauty of these peonies so eloquently. Love your lantern and wooden tray.
    Praying for more WBCs and miracles to enter your husband's bloodstream. God bless!

  8. Lovely as always dear Lynda! Continue to enjoy a lovely week.



  9. I was just thinking about you and had to come looking only to find that it is I who missed your post. Looking at your photography is such a relaxing thing to do. The peonies must have been especially beautiful this year and there is something fine about the simplest of vases.

    Still thinking of and praying for your hubby...such a process this chemo. Glad that he had a week of reprieve.

  10. Hi Lynda
    Such gorgeous photos of your white peony. I love using mason jars as well ~ beautiful!
    Hope all is well ♥


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