12 June 2012

Simple Pleasures - Lilacs

It's lilac time!  Or rather, it was.  Mine finished blooming a couple of weeks ago but I'm just now getting around to posting photos.  The season lasts longer this way, right?  I think lilacs are my favourite Spring flower.  I can never resist cutting a few branches and bringing them inside so I can enjoy their wonderful fragrance, even though I know they won't last very long as cut flowers.

I like to keep my floral arrangements simple.  A few lilacs arranged in a vintage Mason jar is my idea of perfection.  Then again, everything looks great in a Mason jar, don't you think?  Which is probably why I can never resist buying just one more to add to my collection.

I also like to use baskets to hold flowers.  To fill a basket with fresh flowers, just tuck a jar inside the basket then add the flowers ... or line your basket with plastic and use floral foam.

Tomorrow, B. goes for treatment #3 (those two weeks go quickly!).  The side effects from #2 were more severe and longer lasting than the first but overall, he's doing well.  We really appreciate your ongoing thoughts and prayers.

Have a great week!  xo, Lynda


  1. The lilacs are wonderful...I see a number of different varieties and hues. Though I'm not able to enjoy them in the house, I do love that scent on the breeze. Yes, a mason jar makes everything look great. Hadn't thought of the possibilities of using a basket for a flower arrangement, but you've got me thinking about it.

    Ongoing prayers...praying that this session is not as tough as round 2 was.

  2. These lilac images are just so, so beautiful. Something so calming about lilacs, with their soft colors and sweet smell. I am happy to hear that your husband is "overall" doing well. Those treatments can really take a toll...keep strong and prayers continue.

  3. I'm with you Lynda, I love spring time best for the return of the Lilacs..wish they were a all season flower, but not :( all we can do is enjoy the lovely photo's and our memories of the lovely scent.. It goes by way too fast! Hope Bobby keeps up the good work and get's past these treatments. Prayers for you both and your mom...

  4. like you, i absolutely Love, Love,Love lilac. this pictures are so wonderful, i can almost smell it... which is wonderful since i am at stuck indoors all day.
    The jar is gorgeous, i have tons of them too isn’t amazing how you can just keep on buying them... i
    Thanks for that little corner of garden today :)

  5. Good Morning Lynda. I swear I caught a whiff of those beautiful lilacs just looking at your photo's. I collect mason jars too and just last week I found a antique store that sell's ton's of them.
    I will say extra prayers for Bobby, that treatment # 3 is a lot easier than the last one was.

  6. Lynda you have such style with your arrangements...your photographs always fill me with delight. I'm a sucker for mason jars as well and have started my own little collection...I even use one for a soap dispenser in the bathroom!!!

    Glad to know that B is hanging in there with these treatments. The hard part about them is that with each one, we feel the effects so much more -- our bodies weaken which is the aim and we feel so keenly the poisons as they do their work. Faith, hope, courage, strength and determination keep us going back for more, even with the knowledge that we are tiring and feeling those effects. My prayers and thoughts are with the two of you as you continue the journey. Strong spirit is one of the most essential elements in this fight. xoxo

  7. Those flower looks so gorgeous. These lilac images are just so beautiful and i like this basket with plastic and use floral foam. I appreciated for you.

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  8. These lilac images are just so lovely!
    The jar is wonderful .....

    Lovely weekend!!

  9. Lilac are my all time favorites,a nd you always display them so nicely. Such a talent!!! Hoping hubby is doing better this go round...love and prayers sweet friend...sue

  10. I know, I've said this already, but your compositions are amazing.
    How beautiful these are.


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