13 September 2011

Sunflowers, sunny days and studios

There's something so cheerful about sunflowers. Their bright yellow colour demands attention in late summer, towering over the rest of the garden and dominating the farmer's markets.

 I'm usually not a fan of brightly coloured flowers, especially yellow, but sunflowers are the exception. I have to have at least one bouquet of them every year.

 We've been enjoying beautiful sunny days and I've been taking advantage of them!  These last days of Summer are a blessing and meant to be enjoyed.  I've spent them working in the garden or reading a book on the porch, anything to stay outdoors as much as possible.  It won't be long before venturing outside is the last thing I want to do!

 I thought I'd show you my new studio set up. It's nothing fancy but it's just what I need. I'm fortunate to have an entire room to use for my photography and any craft/sewing projects that I want to do. Once I'd cleared out half the room, I re-purposed a 30" x 60" folding table that I covered in white contact paper and placed it under a large window.  White muslin curtains act as a diffuser when the light gets too strong.  The table can be pushed back against the wall when I'm not using it and I can hang a back drop there if I choose.  The most difficult part was finding a place for everything I removed from the room!  It took a few days of trying this here and moving that there before I was happy.  I'm looking to purchase some simple lighting for those dark winter days when there isn't much natural light available and I'll also be painting the walls a soft white.

So there you have it!  Well worth a few days work.  It's nice to have everything handy when I'm ready to shoot and not have to re-arrange everything in my living room or reading room to get enough space to take my photos.


  1. an outsider look at the place of artistic creation!

  2. I love what you see behind the camera lens as much as I love how you do it..thanks for showing us your little spot in the world..like they say..everyone needs their little spot..
    Glad you are enjoying what's left of the summer...
    Hugs to my good friend...

  3. i love sun flowers; they feel so warm and country like; i love them in the house, they remind me of the country side...
    And it’s just so lovely seeing your working area; i think most of us have studios similar to yours; mine is small corner off my kitchen, just by the window.....
    xo sandra

  4. Lovely photos. I love sunflowers. I wish I had a room I could have just for photography.

  5. Good Morning Lynda, you have inspired me to make a spot for my at home photography. Your work is beautiful as always.

  6. That is GREAT, and I am so happy you showed that table/ window setup. I am redoing my guest room and have a table that I inherited and will be painting white..I hadn't thought about the muslin as a diffuser- great idea!
    I need to be thinking this way, especially when the winter stops me from doing my much-loved landscapes. ;0
    Oh and might I just say how much I loooove your blog? I love Cinnamon girl's work- I just have been deciding over a template for about two years!

  7. Beautiful sunflowers Lynda, and I just love your studio. It reminds me of one I set up for myself last year. It's a small spare room, and everything is do-it-yourself, but it's mine and it works!!

  8. I very much enjoyed seeing your studio. My whacky tripod is standing up in my living room looking for all the world as if she belongs. I'd rather have a great space for taking photos like yours! I love yellow flowers and the sunflower is no exception. What have you against the others? The other yellow ones that is...daffodils? Tulips? Roses? Ha!

  9. Oh, these sunflower studies are lovely, Lynda! That second photo especially has such a tenderness about it! LOVED seeing behind the scenes in your studio! I do a lot of photography at home, in the living room where the light is very good, and diffused with white voile curtains. Half our our living room is now an art studio--big table and storage for painting and crafting, which my husband & I both get up to. It's wonderful to have a space, no matter how small or large, to make the creative dreams come true, isn't it? :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  10. Such beautiful images, Lynda! It's funny, but I have never been overly fond of bright yellow flowers either, but sunflowers are the one exception. They are so architectural -- strong and beautiful.

    I love your studio space! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful dedicated space to use. I usually spread out all over the living room... :)

  11. Lynda, you are so fortunate to have a room just for photography! I have no private space at all. Every room is taken up by something so I try to do my still life (what little I do) where ever I can. Which probably explains why I never come up with anything that great! LOL!

    The sunflower shots are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your work space : )


    *Are you taking a break from blogging? I haven't posted in 3 weeks! Yikes!

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