9 September 2011


I bought these at the market last weekend and photographed them the same day, which proved to be a good decision since they didn't last very long.  I'm not sure if I can describe how delicious these berries are.  There's a burst of flavour as you bite into one ... tart and sweet at the same time.  When I bought them, I was thinking about baking them into muffins, or a cobbler, but cooking them seemed like such a waste.  Like raspberries, I rarely bake with blackberries. They're just too good in their natural state.

I'm finally working on setting up a dedicated space for my photography.  It's taken a lot of rearranging and has proved to be a little more work than I anticipated (isn't that always the way?) but it's going to be worth it!  Hopefully, I'll finish it over the weekend (in between my hubby's softball tournament).

What are your plans for the weekend?  Whatever they are, I hope you have an enjoyable one!  xo


  1. I love berries, they are my summer breakfast treat , everyday!
    beautiful tones and composition in this picture;
    xo sandra

  2. Beautiful looking berries! This was one of my most favorite things to do as a child. Picking wild black berries with the largest container I could carry. Of course by the time I made it back home, most of the berries were gone! Yummy..

  3. Should have mentioned that we are going to a
    "Mass Remembers: Voices of Hope" at our city park on Sunday for those who lost their lives and loved one's on 9-11-01
    Large crowds are expected as professional,community, church,collage and children's choruses and choirs from across the state will be doing an all music program. And as promised there will be no political talkers..I plan on being there all day..

  4. A lot of remembering going on in our corner.

    Hmmmm...blackberries...I haven't enjoyed one in years.

  5. I have the same problem....they rarely ever make it into something baked cause they are always eaten fresh. Beautiful
    Have a wonderful weekend ~ Rebecca

  6. Oh so yummy, and such a beautiful photograph Lynda!
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  7. DELICIOUS! I love blackberries...mmm... And like you, I love to eat most berries in au naturel Although, we had sooo many raspberries this year I did make some jam--it will be wonderful to have that zingy-summer-berry taste in mid-winter later. LOVE this photograph... a sweet end of summer portrait. It's a wet weekend here, so we're indoors. Happy Days, Lynda ((HUGS))

  8. So Lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  9. The black berries look so delicious! This is an absolutely beautiful photo as are the photos in your previous post, I love peaches too and those are beautiful!:o)

    By the way, thanks for your mailing tips to Canada. My customer's package arrived just fine.:o) Enjoy a lovely weekend♥



  10. I agree, berries really are best in their natural state. Healthy too!

    Looking forward to viewing your new photography space.

    Last night I spent the evening with girlfriends. Today, I think it's time to give into Fall and start decorating. Maybe change out the flowers in the front urn to something more seasonally appropriate. Have a good Sunday, Lynda!

  11. Hi Lynda! I love this photograph! Captures so many summer memories. And I also prefer the raw berries to baked. Although I won't say no to blackberry pie! :) Have a great new week. xo – g


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