6 September 2011


Fresh from the farmer's market ... peaches! As I unpacked them I noticed one still had the leaves attached and thought how nice it would look hanging over the bowl.

These were so sweet and juicy! I love this time of year when the markets are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. I have to be careful not to buy more than we can eat in a week but it's so difficult! I want to taste everything at once.

There's an Autumn chill in the air as I write this. September is usually a roller coaster of temperatures - hot and humid one day and cool the next. The apple orchards have begun to hang out their pick-your-own signs and most mornings now require a jacket or sweater. Yes, I'm starting to look forward to Fall ... to heartier meals and freshly baked pies, to putting my Autumn decorations up and buying mums and pumpkins for the garden.  September means heading back indoors and re-focusing on home.  I can't wait.


  1. yummy pictures! i absolutely adore peaches, i usually mixed them with raspberries for a breakfast treat ...
    xo sandra

  2. Oh my - my mouth is watering!!!! Beautiful. <3

  3. That looks so good...I would've wanted to take a photo too :)

  4. These photographs are just beautiful Lynda!

  5. I agree with wanting to buy everything and eat them all. So delicious and so little time!

  6. you have a beautiful blog
    nice to meet you! :)


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