1 April 2011

Signs of Spring

I think maybe Spring might finally have arrived.  Last week's snowfall is melting, yesterday I saw a robin and I have flowers blooming in my garden.  Welcome signs that Winter is leaving.

Chewed leaves on the iris are courtesy of the rabbits who seem to think my garden is their private dining room.  At least they left the flowers ... for now.


  1. I just bought a B-B gun for such varmints. No, I don't want to hit anything, but I don't think there's any danger of that. What I want is to scare the critters. I'm shooting up into the trees actually. The vultures are getting way too close for comfort. I don't want to hit them, but they can certainly find a better habitat than my backyard. Anyway, you can borrow the gun, if you think it'd help. ;D

    That you're having nice weather gives me hope. We're having some of the most rotten weather of winter and it's spring. My calendar says April and everything. I mean feet of the white stuff. Ackkkk...

    So your chewed irises look pretty good to me from where I sit.

  2. Beautiful shot! I love the treatment and details.

    Have a nice weekend !:)

  3. MAGNIFICIENT Iris, Lynda....;

    Sooo sweet you have got little rabbits in your garden......even if they chew a little on your flowers .........; as soon as the grass will grow they change the diet...you will see!!

    Wishing you warm sunshine and a happy weekend!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  4. Wow. I just happened into your blog this morning and, I must say, it is absolutely beautiful. What lovely, country-esque shots, muted tones, perfect compositions.... lovely, lovely!

  5. Vee, we've gotten quite used to the rabbits living in the garden. They've been here since we moved in. They're destructive but cute. :) Vultures I don't think I'd like.

    Elvira, the rabbits still prefer my garden to grass ... even in the summer! :) They don't eat quite as many flowers but some mornings I go out to see an entire plant eaten. I always plant my lettuce in pots so they can't get to it and I've replaced more than a few plants for varieties that they're not as fond of. That's the joy of living with wildlife! :)

  6. No flowers or rabbits here, Lynda. What I wouldn't give to see flowers growing once again. Lovely iris : )

  7. Such wonderful color! This does give hope! We actually had some snow last week...but thankfully short-lived. No blooms yet though... but hoping! ;o) Happy Days, Lynda ((HUGS))

  8. I have such a soft spot for rabbits, even if they munch and destroy everything in sight. They are just so dang adorable.


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