22 March 2011

Super Moon

Were you able to see the Super Moon in your area?  The clouds cooperated and cleared up so I could photograph it.  This photo has been cropped and sharpened but other than that, it's straight out of the camera.  I used my 75-300mm lens on a tripod {aperture 8.0, shutter speed 1/500 and ISO 800} and just about froze out on the porch.  Brrr!!  But it was worth it.


  1. OMG..OMG...OMG...this is the best picture of a moon that I have ever seen outside of NASA...beautiful Lynda..I'm so glad you braved the cold to capture this photo...amazing and it's..all YOURS! true to life...
    (Who just loves the moon)

  2. I'll say! It's gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it because I've been looking for the really good ones.

  3. Excellent Lynda! No I didn't see it very much due to clouds. My goal was to photograph it as it was rising. When that didn't happen I didn't bother. You got a great shot though!

  4. Hi Lynda. Did you take this photo? OMG it is gorgeous.

    Yes, we had a super clear evening and I could see the man in the moon. I was thinking about you and wanted to stop by and see what gorgeousness you were up to. I took out my book on Inspiration Boards and was browsing.

    I hope that you have a lovely evening.


  5. WOW...such a beautiful shot you got! It looks like it could be taken by NASA! Incredible!

  6. Hi Lynda, wow, what a shot!!!!!!!

    Yes, we had a clear night! We were all so excited to watch the moon rise and see it cross the sky.

    I didn't even attempt to take any photos, though, so I'm really pleased and impressed that you got this one. Bravo!

    (busy day, will answer emails tmrw) xo – g

  7. Cara Lynda.....IS YOUR PORCH SOOOOO CLOSE TO THE MOON....??????

    It looks so fantasticly close; your porch MUST be very close to the moon.....!!!!!

    This moon is soooooo beautiful; so amazingly sharp and seeing all it's details..........!!!!

    THANK YOU for this spacetrip to the moon......I LOVED IT!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  8. Gorgeous!!! I could not get it that night too cloudy. Managed to snap an image a few days before xox

  9. Simply AMAZING lynda!!! I wish I hadn't missed this great photo op but I never made it outside with my camera! So glad you were able to capture it! Love!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Excited to see you stopped by! :)

  10. That is absolutely striking!
    It is almost as if you took a rocket ship up into the starry sky and took a picture up close!
    So beautiful.

  11. Dreamy and SUPER MAGICAL, Lynda... this is really a splendid image! We loved watching the moon grow & grow the other week--fascinating. HAPPY SPRING ((HUGS))

  12. How absolutely amazing! It has been some time since I have taken time out to look at the moon, thank you for the reminder of how stunning it can be!!

  13. You have the most lovely photographs! Especially of the moon, which is quite difficult to capture. Beautiful! Unfortunately I missed seeing it the other evening :( Glad that you got such a lovely photograph of it though! :D


  14. Hello Lynda,

    Oh my what a beautiful photo! Yes Honey and I did see the super moon. With camera in hand we went to the top of Soladad Mountain which made for a lovely view, it was beautiful!:o)

    Happy weekend to you!



  15. Thanks so much for your lovely comments! xo


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