18 March 2011

Shades of Blue

Blue hydrangeas are in the top five of my favourite flowers. I have two small hydrangeas that I moved last Fall, hoping that they would survive the Winter. They did! Today I noticed small buds on both of the plants.

Warmer than normal temperatures this week have melted all the snow.  It's nice to see the grass again!  I'm watching daily for signs of Spring in my garden.

Maybe this year my hydrangeas will be big enough and I can have huge bouquets of them.  I'd like to recreate these photos using real hydrangeas instead of silk ones.

This weekend we not only welcome Spring, but the moon is going to be closer to earth and bigger than normal. I'm hoping the clouds will stay away so I can see it.

Happy Spring!


  1. Oh my Lynda, I thought the silk Hydrangea was real. My soil does not do well with this beauty. I need to try once again. My sister has one huge Hydrangea that she loves and does nothing to it.

    When I caught a glimps of the moon a few moments ago, I said to Butch, WOW! look at the moon. He told me all about it and also said it is called the Super Moon..It sure is too! You must photograph it..
    Happy Spring my good friend,

  2. ALL the snow? Oh I am jealous. How wonderful that your beautiful hydrangeas overwintered well.

  3. These are just beautiful Lynda! I love how you processed them...so soft and lovely.

  4. I didn't even realize the flowers weren't real until you told me! I too always hope for a lot of hydrangeas but then when they do bloom I hate to cut them. One day I will have a garden just for cut flowers.

    Such romantic images Lynda, as always.

  5. Blue hydrangeas are my favorite! Your photos are lovely.

  6. GRASS... did you say grass, Lynda?! Oh, I'd love to see that again...anything green, really! We have a blue hydrangea but it hasn't done very well--wrong location, I think. But I love hyndrageas... especially blue/purple-blue ones! There images are dreamy, Lynda...almost look like little bouquets for a wedding...*sigh*... Happy Days, enjoy the grass and sun! ;o) ((HUGS))

  7. OMG, Those are fantastic, you have a sensitivity and good taste amazing, I absolutely in love with your work!!
    I wish you a happy and sunny Sunday!

  8. I love these images, Lynda – I had no idea they were silk. And you are very brave to move your hydrangeas! I'm glad to hear they survived and are doing well. I love, love, love mine. We had five here when we moved in and I keep buying and planting them every year! xo – g

  9. Soooo very beautiful!!!!!!
    I do love your tasteful arrangements of the Hydrangeas in these original glass vases.....GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    ohhhh, they look real; only in a second moment I could see that they are of silk!!

    Happy spring to you too, Lynda!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  10. Lynda these images are gorgeous!!!
    Fabulous post today!

  11. Love the simplicity and amazing tones. Great capture,

  12. Oh, I am so glad you are starting to see a little bit of spring green outside your windows!

    And these beautiful pictures. sigh. I love hydrangeas too. Just love them.

    Such beautiful softness in this post.

  13. These are so beautiful, Lynda! I have always wanted to grow hydrangeas, but I am afraid the deer will eat them... :(


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