10 February 2011

Shadow play

Thanks so much for your comments about my kitchen!  It's amazing how much impact small changes can make.

Can I just say that I'm pretty tired of winter??  It's been so cold this week ... bone chilling cold!  As I write this, it's 9 degrees ... and going down to -2 overnight.  Next week is supposed to warm up to the low-30's ... I can't wait!

The shadows for this week's Project 52 photo are from my redbud tree in my front yard.  At least the sun was shining!

Are you doing anything special this weekend for Valentine's Day?  I'll be baking Linzer heart cookies - a tradition in our home.  Our celebration is usually pretty low key ... somehow overpriced flowers and being rushed through dinner doesn't feel very romantic.

Have a wonderful weekend however you celebrate ... stay warm ... and Happy Valentine's!


  1. After visiting "Savoring Time in the Kitchen," I'm going to be making some Linzer cupcakes. Now you've reminded me how yummy Linzer cookies are. Hmmm...

    Lovely shadows on that pristine snow. Yes! It's going to be warming up soon. I can hardly wait myself.

  2. I know Lynda, winter is definitely wearing on me too, but we have a long ways to go so I'm trying not to think about it. Just the fact that the days are longer and the sun is stronger feels wonderful! Think positive!

    No plans for Valentines day here. Maybe I can talk hubby into a quiet dinner out on Sunday night, by the ocean.

  3. What a spectacular shadow, so beautifully captured. One advantage of all that snow is that it makes a gorgeous canvas!!

  4. Hi Lynda,
    That shadow picture is stunning. And I can see that it is cold..because the picture just tell's me that!
    I went to tea today with our wonderful tea friend Brenda..I'm sure you recall her from Victoria Circle. We had a fun day together..
    Enjoy your weekend.. or what's left of it..
    Your Sincerely,

  5. So very clean and beautiful....!Even if winter-snow-white is getting too loong for you...: I love it...!!!!!


    ciao ciao elvira

  6. Such a beautiful image. You've inspired me to look more closely at the world for shadows..I don't think I have ever photographed one...not intentionally anyways.
    I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day. I celebrated with one decadent and thoroughly delicious chocolate mint cupcake. It was divine. :)

  7. Hello Lynda,

    Love your beautiful shadow photo, so very pretty. Continue to enjoy a beautiful week my friend.



  8. Superb composition with great tones that give great delicacy in the shade of the tree, I really like.


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