18 February 2011


We took a little road trip this week to Niagara Falls, NY to visit friends.  I took my camera along for the ride and snapped a few photos along the way.  As it was overcast, all the photos were pretty monochromatic anyway so I decided to make this week's Project 52 image black and white.  This is the Niagara River, taken as we crossed the bridge between Queenston, Ontario and Lewiston, New York.

I don't know about you but I've had enough of winter.  I'm tired of the cold, the gray days, brown slushy snow, dirty cars and salt stains on my clothing.  Spring can't come soon enough! *sigh*


  1. Me too! Enough already..I want Spring..Robin's, tulips, warm days, Lilac's, sidewalks to walk on, leaves on tree's...something as simple as leaves..counting the days...
    This pictures makes me feel.... weathered! LOL!

  2. A monochrome image really captures the bleakness of late winter – I've never been to this border crossing but it definitely looks cold! And why is it that winter always seems to linger past its welcome?

    We had sunshine today and what a joy to see blue skies! xo

  3. What a gorgeous nostalgic take, so much detail and atmosphere to absorb. Just lovely!

  4. Hi Lynda! Gorgeous shot!
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I have always found your work so inspiring.
    Your kitchen update looks amazing too!!!

  5. Hi Lynda! Thanks so much for visiting me! I appreciate your thoughts.
    I like monochrome photos as well. I've never been to Canada...you guys probably get the most of Winter. I live in AZ, but 7000 ft above and it is so cold here. Trees will bloom the last week of April. I can't wait as well.

  6. You and me both! Winter, I'm done with you, it's spring that I want! ;-)

    Happy Monday Darling! xo

  7. The photo looks like it could be 40 years old! Cool!

    I'm with you Lynda, the yucky color of dirty snow, cold days and nights, layers of clothing ... it's all getting old. Only 1 more weeks until March!

  8. Ohh, me too Lynda! Your comments sounds like mine about the snow! iew. But, also like me, you embrace the overcastness and go for it anyway- resulting in a stunning photo here! We once drove 8 hrs to mid-Maine and had two days of rain and heavy fog- and I got one of my favorite set of images out of the weekend. ;)) Hoping to take a drive up to upstate NY soon when the weather warms.

  9. BEAUTIFUL photo, Lynda--looks like an old postcard. :o) I'm well sick of winter too...spring can't come soon enough, but we have weeks yet of cold and snow. Soon... soon! Think warm sunny thoughts ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  10. Oh wow! I just descovered your blog... may I sit down and stay for a while? I´ll take my cup of tea, a warm cozy crochet blanket and if someone wants a chocolate chip muffin......

    Liebe Grüße from the VERY northern Germany, where it´s also still cold an snowy
    from Anja

  11. Lovely photo dear Lynda. I too am longing for spring. Enjoy a lovely week my friend.:o)



  12. Wow...that image looks so old. I love the birds.
    Have I really fallen this far behind on your blog? I'm so sorry for being such a stranger! It's so good to be here in this peaceful lovely space of yours. xo


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