9 February 2011

Kitchen mini-makeover

I thought I'd show you a few photos of my new kitchen after its mini-makeover.

My kitchen layout works pretty well and the kitchen is just under ten years old but it was dark and dreary ... and a little cluttered.  It's so much brighter and cleaner now!

I had two new cupboards custom built ... a full cupboard where the microwave shelf was and a smaller one over the stove to accommodate the new over the range microwave.  The cupboards were then sprayed to give them a nice even finish.

Handles replaced the former builder supplied knobs on the cupboards and I had cup pulls installed on the drawers, all in oil-rubbed bronze.  The faux beadboard backsplash was already in place (it's paintable wallpaper).  And the under cabinet lighting is fabulous!  I don't know how I managed without it!

The counter top is still in excellent condition so we kept it along with the taps.  Eventually, we'll replace the taps with a similar finish to the hardware.  Now that I have a bit of extra cupboard space, I'm able to keep the counter clear.  Since these photos were taken, I've put the coffee maker and toaster oven back because we use them everyday.  I'm also looking for one or two Windsor style bar stools so that I'm able to use this corner as a breakfast bar. 

From start to finish, it took about 3 1/2 weeks.  Sanding and painting the cupboards took the most time; installing the new cupboards, microwave and lighting was complete in just a couple of days.  The paint colour I chose for the cabinets is Benjamin Moore's Cloud White in semi-gloss and all the hardware was purchased on eBay.

So, that's my new kitchen!

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  1. WOW! now that is one bright cheery kitchen. Cooking up something delicious in that space would make cooking fun! I wish Butch would let me paint all our dark stained wood. Why does he hang onto it?
    I could show him your new kitchen and maybe...well, no he wouldnt but I need UNDER the COUNTER lighting too. And he works in the business. Maybe I should hire someone and see what happens! haha!

    Good job..

  2. Wow, what a difference. It looks fantastic!

  3. I'm emailing...

    Your kitchen looks fabulous! So much brighter and that lighting for your countertops is just wonderful.

  4. Oh gasp! Love the new white cabinets...I am so proud you did this yourself? I don't think I could do that! But you make it sound manageable...my condo has the builder's grade, boring cabinets. Good condition, but ugly as heck. I am so inspired! I've been wanting to paint them forever. :)))

  5. I love how clean and bright it looks! I would love to cook in there :)

  6. Oh, wow, it's brilliant, Lynda!! Really gorgeous, fresh and cheerful and elegant. I have under the counter lighting too, and love it. Do you like your range? We're converting to natural gas and I'm looking for something fabulous. Thank you for sharing! xo – g

  7. Your new kitchen looks fantastic! So bright and clean and modern...what a difference a little bit of paint and hardware can make! When I first looked at the before and after, I actually thought you had all new cabinets put in. Nice job!

  8. It looks FABULOUS, Lynda! I do so love a nice, bright, kitchen, and painted cabinets are a favorite of mine. And I had the same thought about under cabinet lighting -- how did I ever live without it?! I also lived without a dishwasher for YEARS!

    Congratulations on your beautiful reno. Enjoy!

  9. WOW--what a transformation, Lynda! I love a white kitchen. We have nice oak cabinets which I'm itching to paint over white, but this as it turns out is the one thing hubby does like...so that oak stays, for now... LOL! Your "new" kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  10. OMGosh! Lynda it's absolutely gorgeous. So bright and beautiful. I sooooo love the white and minimalism on counter tops. Congratulations! ♥

  11. Very nice Lynda! I'll bet you are some pleased! Who put the under the cabinet lighting in? Your husband?

    Several years ago we did a similar remodel in my kitchen. My husband always talked about the lighting under the counter but never got around to it. Now I'm wishing he had. My dad cut down my cabinets over the stove for me. Luckily he is able to do stuff like that for me and save us money.

    Loved seeing the make over!


  12. It's looks great! Much better for sure, I loved it!

  13. Holy Moley! Your kitchen looks amazing in the after photos! What an eye!

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