17 November 2010

summer's last roses

Last Friday I took advantage of the mild weather and picked the last few roses before I cut them back for the winter.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon photographing them. 

My David Austin roses are my favourites (but shhhh ... don't tell my other roses!)  This rose, Winchester Cathedral, was my very first Austin rose.  It's usually first and last to bloom in my garden.  I love their white blooms with just a hint of pink here and there.

Their fragrance is wonderful too.  Sadly they only lasted a few days indoors before their petals dropped.  I can't wait until next summer so I can enjoy them again.  It's going to be a long winter.


  1. Those are beautiful, and I love the soft blues and whites. I wish I had a greener thumb... or sunlight in my sad little yard :)

  2. Stunning roses Lynda. I can see why they're your favourite! Beautiful, beautiful pics as always. You are so clever. xxx

  3. They are so beautyful!!!
    And the Austin Roses smell at the very best and are so beautiful like no other!

    Thank you for this lovely summer-hommage!


  4. Oh, they are so beautiful in that soft natural light. Roses always remind me of my grandfather...he loved them and guarded his own rose garden with his heart and soul.

  5. What amazing roses or is it your photography that makes them so? No, they are amazing and your eye just enhances what is already there. Lovely!

  6. Ooo, you knew I would love these, Lynda!! Winchester Cathedral I don't have but it's gorgeous. How amazing that it still had so many full blooms. My Graham Thomas still has a lot of buds and Lady Emma has a few new ones but we are heading into a cold weekend so I don't have hopes that they will open. Just finished mulching all the roses this afternoon.

    Thank you for sharing all this beauty and so glad you created this series! Have a cozy weekend. xo – g

  7. Omigosh, these are just gorgeous, Lynda! And perfect in that beautiful blue jar!

  8. Oh Lynda these are beautiful! What lovely roses and even more lovely is the way you captured them, beautiful indeed.

    Happy weekend to you dear friend.



  9. Dear Lynda, I too, love the rose and can't wait for spring. My garden needs me..I need it! But the Lilac is my favorite.. My Lilac's..oh my lovely lilacs...I wait for them with such urgency!

  10. it look sooooo fresh and pure pretty. you are so lucky, the roses here doesnt have as many petals hencenot as fluffy as your's

  11. These are SOO gorgeous! The roses look so fresh I can almost smell them.
    Lovely work Lynda.

    Mandy Lynne

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