14 May 2010

lilac love

I've got a thing for lilacs.  There are 6 bushes in my garden, which is definitely on the small side, and I never regret having planted that many.

Their is nothing like their fragrance.  I spend a lot of time just burying my nose in the blooms because I cannot get enough of their scent.

Even though lilacs don't do well as cut flowers, I still bring a few branches inside.  I figure I'm going to have the prune the dead ones anyways, so why not?  At least that's my rationale.  :)  They rarely last more than a couple of days but it's still worth it.

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you next week.


  1. Lovely work Lynda I have been admiring your lilac images for days now...ours have passed as we had lots of rain this last week. I hate to see themm go but I did get several pictures too. ;-) A wonderful weekend to you too ~ Rebecca

  2. Your lilacs are so delicately rendered. Just lovely. I need more adjectives when I visit you! Enjoy them...

  3. Really beautiful photographs! I can almost smell the scent...

  4. Such lovely shots of your lilacs. I can just smell them now.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Have a sweet day!

  6. SUBLIME....Lynda....
    The Lilacs are wonderful, the perfume enchanting....it's only sad that they bloom such a short time...!

    I enjoy so much admiring your wonderful delicate photography;
    F A N T A S T I C......!!!

    I appreciated very much your kind visit in my tuscany; Lynda!

    See you soon!
    ciao ciao elvira

  7. They fill up the entire room with nostalgic scents, don't they? You've got me longing for spring this October day!


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