10 May 2010

pretty in pink

hello spring I

These little blossoms are still hanging on!  Usually it's one week and they're outta there but the beautiful blooms on my redbud have really outdone themselves this year. 

hello spring II

My only disappointment is that everything bloomed so early!  The lilacs are already fading and my bridal wreath spirea is showing a few white flowers here and there.  It usually doesn't bloom until June!  I'm crossing my fingers for a bumper crop of roses.  :)

I hope to have an update for you later this week on my reading room.  Can't wait to show you my progress!


  1. Oh I didn't even know about your reading room. It sounds lovely and I look forward to seeing it. Your weather must be a bit milder than it's been in the East. It's become very much cooler than it'd had been. We'll have frost tonight. Lovely pink blossoms...hope that they last another week!

  2. Love these dreamy, spring-y colors, Lynda! Spring was early here, too. So we had different bloom combinations than usual. Plus lots of scrambling to shoot before they went away, but amazingly, most have lasted a long time. Have a wonderful week! xo – g

  3. This is lovely. What is this about a reading room? Sounds interesting. Everything seems to be blooming early here in New England.

  4. Beautiful Lynda! The Lilacs did bloom early this year (and only half our Lilac bush) but still so beautiful & the smell ... amazing!
    Next I'm looking forward to the Peony :-)


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