19 May 2010

reading room update

Yeah ... I know.  I've been promising to show you pics of my reading room for weeks now.  This time it's the real deal ... I promise!  :)   It's not finished yet but I wanted to show you my progress so far.

 In its former life, this was a completely unused spare bedroom.  I've been toying with the idea of a reading room for years but couldn't bring myself to part with my old bedroom set.  Someone kindly took the bed off my hands and I was able to re-purpose everything else (more on that much later!)
The sofa bed is from Ikea ... not the one I originally picked out but I love it!  The cushions are also from Ikea ... don't you just love that place?  I always find great stuff there.  The wall colour is "Swiss Coffee" by Behr and it's quickly becoming my new favourite shade of white with just a hint of warmth to it.
 Still left to do ...

♦ Artwork on the walls ... they're feeling a little bare and I've got a few ideas that I'm keeping under my hat for now.
♦ The bookcases need to be painted ... probably white ... to unify them.  It was a bit difficult to get a decent picture of them because of the angle but there are three, two smaller and one large in the centre.
♦ New lamps.  Those orange flowers have got to go.
♦ Not sure about painting the chest and end table ... I'm leaning towards leaving them natural.  Let me know what you think.
I have to tell you that I'm totally loving this room now.  It's so cosy and the perfect spot to curl up in.  Even though it's not finished, I still find myself heading there whenever I need a few minutes to unwind.  And I still have a room for the occasional overnight guest!


  1. Oh a reading room sounds hevenly!

  2. Love it, Lynda! It looks very relaxing. I vote for keeping the chest and end table natural. Have fun! xo – g

  3. It is so wonderfully light-filled. You know, that's half the battle with reading...light quality. If it gets too dark, one can konk out or maybe that's just an old lady thing. Love the wall color and the sofa. (I hope your art for the walls will be lots of your own photography!)

  4. Gorgeous room Lynda!! Yes, I vote for leaving the chest and end table natural. It gives the perfect contrast in the room. Love that sofa. Once I'm moved there will be an Ikea only minutes from me rather than 4 hours like now! I can hardly wait.

  5. Wow, that looks like such a calm and peaceful room.

  6. Oh, lovely room, very cosy indeed.
    I love that chest, keep it natural, it makes a beautiful contrast with the sofa.

  7. Hi Lynda, thanks for sharing these! Agreed, the light here is amazing- my dream room, just for the light! I vote keep the items unpainted- but then again you might need a change. Live with it with the art on the walls first maybe, then decide. I dunno, I'm picky! ;0 Mary

  8. What a beautiful,relaxing reading room. I like the contrast between the white and the natural wood. As for artwork on the walls I see your beautiful photos in black and white :-)

  9. Just saw your feature in Artful Blogging and came on over for a visit. I have a small space of my own and love it. Keep the chest and table natural. They give the soul a place to stop and breathe the calm.

  10. Thank you Anna! The tables have been kept natural ... once I got used to them, I really liked the contrast against the white.


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