15 January 2010

old books

I like collecting old books. Not just any old book ... there has to be some kind of connection. I'm partial to blue books but I'll buy other colours if there's something special about it.  My favourite books are the ones with inscriptions in the fly leaf.  Inscriptions like ....

"To Dr. Arthur -
With the Seasons most cordial greetings.
Xmas '17"

Don't you wonder who Dr. Arthur was?  An elderly gentleman?  Or neighbour perhaps?  Was H.E. a man or a woman?  WWI was still on that Christmas of 1917 so perhaps H.E. was a soldier fortunate enough to have returned home.  I like books that have been read and loved.

They look pretty stacked and tied with ribbon too.  I like photographing books and using them as props.  I always take a lot of photos, trying different angles and locations.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Old books!!! And your photographs of them are sublime!! I love the feel, the texture and the smell of old books -- well read, well loved.

    The oldest one I have is from 1909...it belonged to my great aunt and was given to her "for her attendance at Sunday School" when she lived in Devon, England. "Good Wives" by Louisa May Alcott. I adore it!!

  2. Yes, old books are fabulous props, decor, companions and inspiration. We have quite a few and they are prized possessions. Lovely to put ribbon around them and beautiful photos, Lynda!

    (I do know what you mean about Facebook, et al. I had the same thought yesterday about spreading myself to thin. It really takes over and as a freelancer, I have to discipline myself to get work done, too! But on the other hand, I've made some valuable business connections on FB soo... If I discover a way to handle all of it, I'll let you know!)

  3. I love old books as well...beautiful! And I also love the wonderful stories about the books themselves. Who were previous owners, where the book has traveled, and such.

    I'm on facebook but just don't seem to have the time for it. I totally understand about being spread to thin.

  4. Books... be still my heart! Being a life-long lover of reading and books, this post really speaks to me too. :o) Your blue collection is lovely... I know what you mean about Twitter, etc. I'm on Twitter, but haven't been Tweeting much since Christmas holidays. Can't do it all all the time! Happy Week, Lynda ((HUGS))

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  6. Love these! Books are so beautiful.

  7. I adore these photographs Linda!! Its great to see such a talented fellow canadian photographer!

  8. I'm becoming more of a fan every day. This last piece with the ribbon tied books really spoke to me. I'm still amazed every time an image so simple and everyday is made magical. What a lovely, soothing and soulful blog! xo Mary V.

  9. Oh yes...old books....wonderful and so tasteful wrapped with the ribbon...!
    Very fascinating styling.... so elegant..!
    have a wonderful week!
    ciao ciao elvira


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