27 January 2010

belles lettres

There's something romantic about a handwritten letter ... especially if you're using an antique pen and ink. Somehow I can't imagine Mr. Darcy's letter to Elizabeth Bennett having the same effect if it was texted or emailed. :)


  1. Jane Austen must be rolling in her grave at the very idea of Mr. Darcy or Elizabeth Bennett having a blackberry!!!! :0

    Beautiful photograph by the way - I love the blue!

  2. Very romantic, indeed. Nothing can replace the sensory pleasures of a handwritten letter. Beautiful image that captures that so well! (Thanks for your visit!) xo – g

  3. Handwritten letters are the best...I love receiving mail. It takes time and it shows you truly care.

  4. I agree
    Much love and many blessings

  5. Oh, I agree!! Emails are quick and efficient, but I love to feel the paper in my hands! It is more romantic for sure! It is so much more relaxing to take the time to hand write something ... we just miss out on so much with this fast paced world we live in!

  6. Oh...This speaks from my heart....! I do love handwritten letters; Magnificient ; very personal and special!

    The Image evoques special moments...so precious!!!!

    Wonderful Work, Lynda!!
    Have a very happy weekend!!
    Un abbraccio elvira


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