29 January 2010

falling petals

The last days of my pink tulips ... still beautiful even though their petals are beginning to fall and their stems are drooping.

Have a good weekend! Stay warm.


  1. There is beautiful at every stage of every flower...and when the petals are falling it doesn't mean it's "over", it means there is just more of it. Beautiful photograph!

    You stay warm too!! xo

  2. Soooo beautiful! Don't you hate to see them go. Even while going you've made them look gorgeous.

  3. Charming and lovely, Lynda! Tulips are wonderful for photos even when they are almost gone. I let some dry in a vase last year and the petals looked like silk. Love your new photo, too! Hope your weekend is very cozy. xoxo – g

  4. Funny that even in the fading away there is great beauty.

  5. Beautiful photo. Tulips are gorgeous aren't they - even until the bitter end.

  6. I adore your soft, simple and fresh looking blog...it's so pretty!
    I love photography as well...and I'm in love with your picture here...I'll look for your follow button after I post this comment...

    come visit my blog too sometime..you might want to follow me too! I'd love that!!! thanks for sharing your vision.

  7. Beauty in every stage of life, even for flowers... :o) Happy Weekend, Lynda ((HUGS))

  8. What a beautiful picture. Sure makes you stop just to look at the beauty one last time.

  9. Soooo delicate....
    One wouldn't even dare breathing for not making the petals falling down....
    Have a wonderful and happy week!!!!
    ciao ciao elvira


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