3 July 2014

Notes from the garden - pretty in pink

David Austin - Mary Rose

More garden photos!  My house has been turned upside down from the garage sale last weekend.  We were really happy with the results and sold the big pieces that we were hoping to.  I sold my wicker set (yay!) - not for as much as I'd hoped, but I got a decent price.  Some of the smaller stuff didn't sell so we packed it up and dropped it off at the Salvation Army.  I broke my rule that whatever didn't sell wasn't coming back into the house.  A set of blue and white transfer ware that I put out didn't sell and I decided to keep it.  Oh well ... everything else went!

New Dawn
The day of the garage sale was hot and humid.  We started setting up at 6:30 in the morning and people started to arrive before 7:00 even though we advertised the start time as 8:00.  I'm glad we started setting up early otherwise we might have missed a sale or two.  It was definitely worth advertising in our local paper.  I think we got a lot more traffic especially since our street is a little off the beaten path.

I decided to have a Canada Day BBQ on Tuesday so it's been a busy week!  I'm still recovering and my energy level is a little lower than usual.  I think the heat and humidity drained me more than I realized.  It's much cooler today and I'm actually enjoying it! 

Back to the garden ... while the rabbits completely destroyed my Heavenly Blue morning glories, these red ones have managed to survive.  My brother-in-law brought me the seeds last year from their garden in Germany and they've thrived in spite of the rabbits.  I'm not normally partial to red morning glories but these are really pretty and at this stage, any morning glory is better than none.

I had wanted to share a couple more photos of my roses but when I went to photograph them, there were spiders on them!  Big ones.  {shudder}  I know spiders are supposed to be good for the garden but I don't like them.  At all.  So just two roses got photographed this time. 

Now that it's July (what happened to June?) I'm planning to cut back and just enjoy the Summer.  It flies by so quickly.  A stack of books and the porch is calling!  Have a lovely weekend and Happy 4th to my American friends!  

See you soon ...



  1. Beautiful flowers...love the soft shades of pink... So glad that the yard sale was a success...guess those dishes wanted to stay! =D

    Enjoy the sweet summer...

  2. I am so glad your garage sale went well, Lynda!
    Your flowers are just beautiful, and although those red morning glories are so beautiful, I am really partial to the blue ones also.

    I wish you a beautiful weekend, and I'll see you when you are here, my friend. xo.

  3. Your roses and morning glories are beautiful. We were in Victoria BC on a little getaway on Canada Day. We got to celebrate there, and are now back in the USA for our fourth of July festivities.

  4. Hi Lynda,
    just wonderful. I love your roses and morning glory!!! The pictures are so very tender and light! Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful time and all my best from Austria

  5. your garden is stunning Lynda! love the colour of your morning glory. a section of my back yard fence is covered in morning glory vine but still no blooms. the garden bun buns haven't shown any interest in them, but the pansies & rose of Sharon are on their fave list ♥

  6. In searching for another blog I mistakenly ended up here and I'm so glad I did! Your flowers are beautiful and your photography is just amazing! Living in southern California it is such fun to see the flowers and wildlife from other areas. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you ended up here! Hope you'll drop by again.

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