8 July 2014

Lavender blues ... and a health update!

Summer keeps blessing us with beauty on a daily basis!  Every time I go out to my garden, there's something new blooming or preparing to bloom.  The Winter was very hard on my hydrangeas.  Four of them bounced back not too badly but my pink one is struggling and I'm not sure it's going to make it.  It's funny how the soil affects the colour of the hydrangeas.  On one bush I can have blue, pink or lavender!  I'm rather partial to the lavender blue colour you see in the photo above.

And of course the lavender is blooming too!  I removed my oldest and largest lavender plant this spring because it had become so overgrown and woody and replaced it with a new one.  It will be another year before the new one flowers.  This plant has been in the garden for a couple of years and bloomed quite well this year.  As I have a lot of dried lavender in the house, I decided to leave the flowers for the bees.  Speaking of bees, I seem to have quite a few of them burrowing in the garden around this lavender plant!  I never knew ground bees even existed but they do.  They don't bother me so I'm leaving them to do what bees do best. 

I saw my oncologist last Friday to see how I'm tolerating the tamoxifen.  My ca125 hit an all time high of 6707 at the end of April, then dropped to 6083 on June 11 and was 1645 on Friday!  So it looks like the tamoxifen is working.  Unless something changes, I don't need to go back until the beginning of September so I'm pretty happy about the results.

The not so good news is that my 84 year old father fell down the stairs last Thursday night.  The ambulance took him to ER where, praise God, nothing was broken.  Then he fell again Saturday morning.  Other than scrapes and bruises, thankfully he's okay.  He's been staying with us since Saturday and we're in the process of making his home more liveable for him.  That will involve things like having stair lifts installed, arranging for more care at home and having an occupational therapist assess his home to make it more accessible.  Lots to do before he can go back home.


  1. Beautiful hydrangeas and lavender, two of my favorite flowers. Good news about your health, and sorry to hear your dad fell twice.

  2. Beautiful flowers. And so pleased to hear all is good with your health. Sorry to hear about your father though. Hope he gets better soon xxx

  3. Very sorry to heat about your dad's tumble...scary! My father is also 84. It is good that you are there to make sure that things are all set for him when he goes home.

    Yay for those fabulous numbers! That is an incredible drop. Praise God.

    The flowers are so pretty...especially, the lavender blue...I also like the ones that are lavender cream and lavender green.

  4. beautiful serene shades in your garden.
    such a wonderful health update xo
    sorry to hear about your Dad & hope he is doing better ♥

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your dad falling, Lynda, and I am so glad that he was not seriously hurt.

    Our hydrangeas made it through the winter, unlike so many of our rose bushes, and are just beginning to bloom now. My favorite are the lavender/blue variety, too. :-)

    I absolutely LOVE 1645!!! This really is such wonderful news, Lynda, and I am so happy for you, my friend.



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