31 October 2013

The snowball effect

Autumn decor

I was merrily moving along quite nicely on decluttering and organizing my craft room/office.  I'd filled several boxes and bags and hauled them off to the Salvation Army.  Another large bag was hauled to the curb on garbage day.  I was more than halfway finished and was pretty confident that I'd have it all organized within the week.

Autumn - Living Room

Last Christmas, I was given money from my parents and my brother because I really wasn't up to deciding what I wanted/needed.  Since none of my clothes fit me anymore (losing 30 pounds will do that!) my Mom thought I could use the money to buy some new ones.  I tucked the money away because shopping for anything wasn't going to happen for a few months and I kind of forgot about the money.  After my Mom died, I found the card she'd given me with the money still inside.  I knew I didn't want to use it to buy clothes.  I wanted to buy something that would be lasting but didn't have a clue what that would be.  And so I tucked the money back into the card and put it away.

A few weeks ago, the idea of white dishes popped into my head.  I've been wanting new dishes for a few years and I'm sure the suggestion came from my Mom.  She loved dishes.  I looked around on the internet for something I might like but didn't find a thing.

Then last week, while out buying chocolate at the outlet mall (because everybody goes to the outlet mall to buy chocolate, right?) I spotted a Royal Doulton store. I never noticed that store before but I felt nudged (okay Mom!) to go in. They were having a sale. A big one. 30% off. And they had white dishes. Just like I'd been wanting. So I bought them.

You know how you change one thing which then leads to something else and so on? Well that's what's happened. I needed to make room for the new dishes. Which meant deciding which of my old ones would get donated to the thrift store. Which led to me clearing out my kitchen cupboards. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

The good news is that my kitchen cupboards are nice and clean and organized. That baking cupboard and coffee cupboard on my project list? Done! The bad news is that my dining room is in chaos. I still have to clear out the hutch and reorganize it. My craft room? At a complete halt. For now.

But I really like my new dishes. They're technically for every day but I'm also going to use them for "good". I like how food looks on white dishes. They'll mix nicely with my blue transfer ware too. I'm rather excited about reorganizing my dining room. I'm strange that way. Once the chaos is somewhat under control, I'll share some photos. In the meantime, I've got a lot of dishes to do!

 See you soon!



  1. What a special post! I loved every little thing about it from finding the note and money from your mother to finding the dishes on sale. You sound so very productive! It has got to be a great feeling.

  2. I'll just bet your Mom is smiling down on you, my friend!

    What a beautiful post this is, Lynda, and as always your photographs are so inspiring.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo.

  3. Such a nice way to remember your mom. Every meal you'll be thinking of her! Glad you found the perfect way to use the money. She would surely be very pleased!

    Love the Autumn decor photos, Lynda! Wish that were my chair ; )


  4. I love dishes! Can't wait to see your new ones!

  5. Your new dishes sound wonderful. You have such nice style.
    xo lara

  6. Mom's always know what their daughters are about. They have a way, even if only in spirit taking us where we need to go. I'm so sure this was exactly what your mom knew you were to do with her gift to you. May your white dishes always cast a light of happiness at your table. Love to you...

  7. Such a heartfelt post, I loved reading every single word. I'm sure the new dishes will serve well to bring you back lovely memories every time you use them.
    have a great week, Saida

  8. Loved this post, so happy you are feeling good and diving into those projects. I have had white dishes for years & years, rather plain, but you are so right, food just looks better on a clean white palette. Mom knew you would find the perfect thing to spend the money on, that's why it was tucked away for so long.

  9. I just love your photos Lynda!
    The fabric on the chair is gorgeous ♥
    My 'everyday' dishes are white {Gluckstein home} & I love them. They mix perfectly with my blue willow . I know you will love yours.
    Have a wonderful week xo

  10. Oh so lovely that you purchased your new dishes with the money...a lasting reminder of your mother and how much she loved dishes...

    I have to tell you I am LOVING your chair...that fabric is stunning!


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