23 October 2013

Dried hydrangeas ... it worked!

Finally!  I figured out how to dry hydrangeas!  It's taken me many tries to get it right.  I think I've picked them too soon in the past.  This time I waited until their original colour had faded, removed the leaves and placed them in individual jars so that as they dried, they would keep their original shape.

And it worked!  It took 3-4 weeks before the hydrangeas were completely dry.  The blue Endless Summer blooms dried to a gorgeous shade of green and the pink ones dried a deeper green with touches of burgundy. 

I'm so happy with the way they dried.  I was able to fill this little vintage basket which I placed on my dining room sideboard.  There might be one or two more blooms I can pick before the frost comes.  Most of the hydrangeas have been scorched by the hot Summer sun and are brown on the edges so I didn't pick those.  I plan to plant at least one more hydrangea in the Spring.  I love that they provide colour all Summer long and other than keeping them well watered, are very easy to maintain.

I'm making good progress on organizing my craft room!  I'm hoping to have it finished within the next couple of weeks.  Projects take me a lot longer to do now than they used to but I get there eventually.  :)

See you soon!



  1. Slow and steady will get you there. The hydrangeas look beautiful in the basket.

  2. Yup, you do have to wait, and it surely paid off for you, Lynda.
    These are just gorgeous, and I love the wonderful way you style each of your photographs. You have such a good eye for that. xo.

  3. Such beauty! Dried flowers sure keep us happy while we wait and wait for spring and summer blooms. Hydrangeas are so beautiful in both forms. How sad we would be without them.

  4. I managed to dry a few successfully this year as well...the key, like you said, is don't cut them too soon!

  5. I love dried hydrangeas! They look perfect. Nicely done. Lovely blog! Aloha


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