16 March 2012

Rustic Barns - Part 2

Each barn I "discover" is destined to become my newest favourite.  I wonder how many times this laneway has been used to get to the farmhouse that is no longer there.

Remnants of fading red paint still cling to the wood, with a roof bleached almost white by years of sun and wind.

Outbuildings that look as if a gust of wind might bring them down forever.

Barns that still look beautiful, in spite of their age and wear.

After reading your comments on my last post, I'm thrilled that so many of you love barns as much as I do!  Sadly, most of the barns I've photographed will soon disappear as developers purchase more and more of our precious farmland.


  1. Nothing remains the same... Mercifully, you have captured some of it. Did you know that there is an entire group of bloggers who take photos of barns and post them weekly? I have several such bloggers on my list and it's always great to see the old barns.

  2. Each of your barns tells us a story. I've got to get out there soon and start photographing more barns in nw Ohio. Soon they'll be gone. Wonderful photo story!

  3. yes a barn is a dream... i always think they make wonderful living space - once renovated... shame they will be destroyed.

  4. Such a shame that these barns will soon be gone...just so glad you are capturing their rustic beauty!

  5. Hi Lynda! These images are such a treasure. And that is one magnificent barn! I love them, too, and we are facing the same thing in our farmland north of here. Thank you for sharing – these go far beyond nostalgia and are a poignant record of an amazing way of life. I'm so grateful that part of our childhood was spent in the country. Those memories are always with us.

    Have a great weekend. xo – g

  6. Another great line-up of barns...really lovely and the processing adds to the enchantment!

  7. Oh the beauty is so breathtaking. I dont know how to say it any other way. I love the barn's and wish we still had as many of them as we did in the past. It's sad that so many have been torn down and that farming is almost lost. These photo's will always keep us aware of what once was. I hope they stand there another 50 yrs.

  8. What a beautiful collection of images, Lynda. It's so sad to think of all the old barns that are being torn down only to left with memories.

  9. These pictures remind me of where my grandmother lives. We have a lot of farmland here in Arkansas. Sad to say that many of our barns are in the same shape. Your photos are wonderful and capture the beauty of these old barns very well.

    1. Thank you Melanie! I'm sorry that this is happening in Arkansas as well.

  10. Excellent shots, good job!!

    Salut, Francesc


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