28 February 2012

Fresh herbs

I miss my herb garden in the winter.  I miss being able to dash outside and snip a sprig or two to add to whatever I'm cooking.  So last weekend, I bought a pot each of basil and parsley to sit on my kitchen windowsill.  Now I can have fresh herbs to add whenever I want to use them.  It's not my herb garden but it's the next best thing.  Besides, I love the scent of basil ... it smells like summer to me.

It's been awhile since I've posted!  Almost a month to the day actually.  My Mom is home and doing much better.  Thank you for the emails so many of you wrote asking how she was doing.  I'm hoping to get back to a more regular blogging schedule soon but in the meantime, tell me what you've been up to!  Are you more than ready for spring?  Or are you already seeing signs of spring where you live ... lucky you if you are!


  1. So good to know that your mother is home and doing much better. And I'm glad that you've found a way to get some fresh herbs back into your cooking. I must be on the lookout for some myself. I can't eat the primula on my windowsill, can I?

    1. But the primulas are so pretty! I *almost* bought a couple of those but as there's only so much windowsill available, I passed. :)

  2. So happy to see you pop back up in my reader!!! I am happy to hear that your mom is doing better - what a blessing.
    Yes, I am ready for spring!!! In the south, we have many trees blooming and daffodils blooming. The dogwood trees are full of beautiful buds. Although it is still February, I know that it could all turn tomorrow and we could be hit with 6" of snow. Today it is 70 and sunny so we are just enjoying a wonderful warm day.
    Love your basil shot - reminds me that I need to make a plan for herbs this year!!

    1. 70 sounds absolutely wonderful!! March is such a roller coaster month but it helps to know spring is on its way!

  3. It’s wonderful to have you back Lynda! i hope everything is well back home?
    this picture is gorgeous, i wish my little winter herb garden looked like that! welcome back.
    xo sandra

  4. Hi Lynda,
    Welcome back and I hope your mom continues to feel better. Hello to Bobby too! We are waiting for our winter to do something soon. We might have snow this coming month starting with a little tomorrow. I cant wait to get my hands dirty in the garden. Counting the day for warm weather, robins, lilacs, flip flops and cooking on the grill. Sigh....

  5. Hi Lynda! Such great news that your Mom is much better. Spring is definitely on the way here. xo – g

  6. Lovely picture and awesome photography.

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  7. Hello Lynda,
    Just read that your mother was not her 100% but now is back home and healing. Such relief to know that. Will keep her in my prayers.
    This is my first time here. Love your style of photography. Fresh, minimalist yet profound and with a dash of lovely colors.
    In the place where I live in India, there's no snow ever. And right now, we are in the midst of spring, already preparing to embrace summer.

  8. Hi Lynda
    So happy to hear that your Mum is doing better.
    I love the little herb carrier you have your basil & parsley in ♥
    It's beautiful and sunny today & really does feel Spring like. The only thing in the garden that says "Spring" is our French Pussy Willow whose buds started opening last month :-) I will be cutting some for my urns this weekend. Hope your weekend is wonderful.
    Deb xo

  9. I'm glad that your mother is doing better.

    It's starting to feel like spring around here already - I'm giving some thought to my spring plantings. I've never grown herbs - maybe I should try that!

  10. What a lovely photograph this is Lynda!
    I am so glad you are back and that your Mom is doing better.

  11. Found your blog by way of Georgian a Lane. Love the pictures and the recipes. Going to add to my favorites. Great picture of the herbs. Fresh herbs are wonderful!

  12. Hello Lynda I arrived here from Post Road Vintage, I love your picture! If you will come to visit my blog I will be very happy!

  13. Oh, yes, cara Lynda; Basil IS SPRING...as soon as it starts growing outside; be sure winter is gone!!!!!
    WONDERFUL photography; it's freshness is truly gorgeous!!
    WONDEFUL too that your Mom is doing beter! Say AUGURI from me!!

    Do you do fresh pesto with the basil? It is truly one of the favourite "sughi" around here...!

    ciao ciao elvira


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