17 November 2011

Thank you ... and a break

Hello dear friends!  Just a quick note to say thank you for your lovely comments on my last post ...your support means so much! 

I'll be taking a break for a week or so .... my Mom was hospitalized on Tuesday.  She's been having breathing difficulties for several months and things got very bad last weekend.  After a second visit to emergency, they finally admitted her.  I'm spending my days at the hospital and to be honest, as much as I love photography and blogging, my heart just isn't in it right now.  Once I know she's feeling better, I'll be back.

See you soon!  xo


  1. Keeping your mother in prayer, Lynda. Praying that soon all will be well.

  2. Totally understand ~ I've been where you are rather recently myself when my parents were in a car accident. Blogging just doesn't matter at times like that. So glad you're giving your Mother your undivided attention ~ you won't regret it and we'll all be here when you get back. Praying for a speedy recovery for your Mother and lots of quality time together.

  3. I too completely understand as I spent much time with my own mom in the hospital when she had back surgery. You take care Lynda and I hope your mom is on the mend soon! (hugs)


  4. Lynda, I will be keeping you and your mom in my prayers - praying for healing, strength, courage and grace. Bless you for taking time off to focus on her health. I look forward to your return. Sending you tremendously big hugs. :)

  5. My dearest Lynda,... sending much love and light your mum’s way... and yours.
    till soon,
    xo sandra

  6. Dear Lynda, I so understand. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your Mum and I hope that she is feeling well and home again very soon. xo – g

  7. I wish your mum and you all the best.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Hugs Tanja

  8. Totally understandable. I hope your mother gets better really soon. Lots of love xxx

  9. All the very, very best WELLWISHES for your Mother, cara Lynda!

    A presto!

  10. Dear Lynda,
    I will say prayers for your mom and I hope they help her with her breathing. Take care my friend.

  11. Sending love and good wishes to you and your mom! I took care of my dad, so I understand!

    Your photo is so sweet~~the branches look like they're holding hands or dancing with each other:~)

  12. Hello Lynda,

    Will keep your mother in my prayers dear friend.



  13. Thinking of your Mom and wishing her well...and thoughts of you and wishing you grace these days, Lynda. :o) LOVELY photo...the branches seems to be entwining, like love... ((HUGS))

  14. Hi Lynda
    Hope all is well ♥

  15. Oh, I wish I was here earlier to send well wishes. I hope your mother is doing better now. Sending love to you both. xo


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