3 August 2011

Pink Hydrangeas

It hasn't been a great summer for gardening. Extremely hot temperatures (for us) and very little rain has left my garden scorched, in spite of almost daily watering. After surviving the winter, my blue hydrangeas just couldn't take the heat and have stopped blooming. I've mulched their roots and watered them, sometimes twice daily. Maybe once it cools down, they'll start flowering again.

But my pink hydrangea has performed beautifully! I've never had blooms as large as I have this year. I planted it about 4 years ago and even though I've had to water it almost daily, its roots are a little deeper now than the blue ones. Maybe that's helped it survive these hot days.

I've tried and tried but still can't dry my hydrangeas. Can anyone let me in on the secret? I was told to cut them and place them in a jar with an inch or so of water. Once they've taken all the water, they're supposed to dry but mine just wilt! What am I doing wrong?

On another note, starting tomorrow, I'll be participating in Susannah Conway's August Break. For the rest of August, I'll be sharing a photo a day from Monday to Friday, no words just photos (okay, maybe the occasional word!). If you want to join in, click here for all the details.

One last thing ... there's a blog makeover in the works. Hopefully it will all go smoothly. :)


  1. That's how I was told to dry hydrangeas too -- but years ago I cut some and tied them with a string and then hung them upside in the crawl space of my basement and that worked beautifully. I haven't tried the water drying method yet but am going to this year.

    I love your pink hydrangea...I love the last shot sooo much!!!!

    And I'm glad you decided to do August Break!! xo

  2. Did you try hanging them upside down to dry? I would think that would work. At one time I found a blog that told how to do it. I'll have to look and see if I can find it again. If I do I'll let you know, Lynda.

    In the mean time, I'm loving the pink! All your photos are so pretty! Where did you get the book?

    A blog makeover? I like your blog! Mine desperately needs a little pick-me-up : /

  3. (No water. I don't have hydrangeas of my own, but when I receive a bouquet, I use no water. They dry very nicely.)

    Your pink is such a wonderful shade and I smiled to see my book there with you.

  4. Oh Lynda, that pink color is fabulous!! You know what- I also have that daybook of comfort and joy! lol. I am supposed to write things I am grateful for in it, but I am very sporadic about it. I love the softness and true whites in your photos.
    I love your blog, but I can't wait to see what you do next! :)

  5. Incredibly stunning series of shots! Beautiful post. I'm having the same issue with my blue hydrangea...NO blooms. The pink one is doing well though. Odd.

  6. OH so very gorgeous. I keep seeing hydrangeas in peoples gardens and keep wishing I could pick some.

  7. Lynda, this is one of my favorite flowers, and your photographs of them are simply wonderful! I love the way you have composed each one.

  8. hydrangeas are the best flower. the color of these is so beautiful!

  9. Lynda, you are such a gifted artist.
    All of these August break pictures are so beautiful!

  10. Going back through posts I've Starred so I can add tags when I came across this lovely post from last Summer. I'm not sure if you ever had luck drying your hydrangea's or not but I have found that some varieties just don't dry well, while others do. I left some of my flowers in vases of water and they still dried perfectly, while other varieties just wither and die no matter what I do.

    I hope you're having a lovely winter, Lynda!


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