2 March 2011

Winter garden

My garden in winter.  A soft fluffy snow fell the night before, blanketing everything once again in a layer of white.

The snow clings to the branches like bunches of cotton, so soft that you're tempted to reach out to pick them.

In less than an hour, the sun had melted the snow from the branches ... but for a short time, my garden looked magical in the early morning light.


  1. Dear Lynda,
    A pure winter wonderland! Picture perfect, serene, lovely to behold, oh so white...oh so cold..and even in all it's beauty, which there is so much loveliness when the snow blankets us with each different tender snow flake..yes, your pictures say all the above..but I say ENOUGH already! I want SPRING!LOL!

  2. Dear Lynda,

    I just found your on flickr. Your photos are just gorgeous! Wow wow wow!

    Warm wishes from cold Germany

  3. Gorgeous winter garden. Great tones.

  4. Elegant is what it is...but I am weary of seeing such beauty, I want mud! ;>

  5. Beautiful photos, absolutely breathtaking! Lovely indeed dear Lynda.



  6. Don't you love that fleeting time, where the snow looks so beautifully perched upon anything and everything? I wish that part of a snowfall lasted longer.


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