14 January 2011

Through the Window

Up until this week, we've had a nice winter with only dustings of snow now and again.  Winter has decided to play hardball and the snow is now piling up quickly, with a significant snowfall on Tuesday and another expected Saturday.  This was taken from an upstairs window ... I wanted to capture the snow piled up against the window and a blurry glimpse of my garden.

Thank you so much for your comments on my last post ... they meant so much to me!  Have a lovely weekend!


  1. That is exactly what is happening outside my window..only without my glasses this is how I see things all the time..
    Beautiful picture!

  2. So beautiful and dreamlike, Lynda! Very glad you are back up here. xo – g

  3. I love the texture in the foreground. Beautiful almost abstract language.

  4. There is so much calmness in your photos. I also love a wonderful texture that enhance the sense of depth.

  5. MAGNIFICIENT, a little cold but sooo PURE...I LOVE it, Lynda!!

    Have a sunny and "warm" weekend!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  6. Oh, you poor thing...all buried in snow! I am secretly wishing for snow to fall in my corner of the universe. They said we would get quite a bit this year due to el nina, but so far, no good! Could you send me a few flakes?


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