20 September 2010

suddenly it's autumn

Although Autumn doesn't officially arrive until Wednesday, the signs of the changing season are everywhere.  The light is different ... a little softer and it gets dark so much earlier.  The leaves are turning colour much too quickly.  I love the burnt oranges, crimson reds and golden yellows against the vibrant blue of the sky!

As much as I love Summer, Autumn is my favourite season.  The days are cool enough to spend time in the garden but the evenings are perfect for lighting candles and making my home feel cosy.  Then there's all that glorious colour!

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?


Thanks for your wonderful comments about what you love about going to the fair and the midway.  I really enjoyed reading them.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one who doesn't like the rides!


  1. I agree Lynda, Autumn is my favorite of all seasons ... I have been busy redecorating the house ~ autumn inspired wreaths, flowers, getting out the candles, breaking the sweaters out...pure bliss ;-)
    All the best ~ Rebecca

  2. LOVELY ambient photos, Lynda... love the autumn glow here! There is so much I love about this season--bring out lots of candles again, a fire in the evening when it's really chilly, making jams & fruit butters, lots of baking, walks in the woods, collecting leaves, favorite sweaters in use again...So much love about NOW! :o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  3. i will always try to make a trip to EU in autumn just for the colours... and you capture it perfectly.

  4. Oh Lynda, I can just imagine Orchard House this time of the year. We went during the summer but I should have waited to go during the fall. I adore the fence photo so much. It is beautiful. Is it your's?

  5. I disapprove of the end of summer, but you make it look so lovely! Secretly, I can't wait until the leaves start turning here!


  6. This is so gorgeous... I love the smell of the leaves. Slowly decaying as they fall to the ground.

  7. Oh, I have discovered such a gem, your blog!

    Autumn is my favourite season too...and you have captured the season so beautifully...I wish I could walk next to that tree look up into those leaves!


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