11 March 2010

what to do next?

Don't you just love a vase of fresh flowers? I couldn't resist these red gerbera daisies from the supermarket this week ... they look so fabulous with my red toile sofa and chair.

Now that most of the painting is finished, I'm trying to concentrate on putting things back together. For some reason, I seem to be going in circles this week! After a frustrating day, I've decided to tackle just one thing at a time instead of trying to get it all done at once.

One of my projects is to convert the spare bedroom into a reading/guest room. Most of the old furniture has been removed and repurposed elsewhere but it's been a great storage room while we've been painting. First step is to move the things in there back where they belong. Once I've emptied this room (again) we'll repaint it before putting starting the conversion.  Right now it's painted a soft robin's egg blue which looked fine when it was a bedroom but I just don't like the colour for my new reading room. I think I'd like a soft white for the walls with white furnishings ... very soothing and restful.

This sofa bed from Ikea would be perfect in there. I'm already imagining how it's going to look. Of course I'll share photos of my progress!

I wanted to post about this yesterday but my day got away from me so I'm posting it now! Last week I purchased this wonderful e-book by Layla Palmer from The Lettered Cottage. Creating an Inspired Home is chock full of fabulous ideas and photos as well as easy to follow instructions on creating your own inspired home. Layla's enthusiasm for decorating is contagious!  I'm going to take some time over the weekend to read it from cover to cover.  You can purchase Layla's e-book here.


  1. Love the image of the red daisies...beautiful! Speaking of painting-it's on my to do list but, we need to paint a few rooms. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the 2 little ones while I paint. :)

  2. those are beautiful gerberas...my hubby brought me the yellow ones and they are still thriving! yeah!!!

    all we can do is take everything one at a time! don't overwhelm yourself....enjoy each and every step of the way!!!!

    ciao bella

  3. Hi, Lynda! Those red daisies really zing! What I saw the red pop up--a big WOW moment! Yes, do take one thing at a time... as we all know with interiors and decorating, one thing at a time, one room at a time. :o) Your refurbishments to your guestroom soon-to-be reading/guest room sound lovely. White is always a great choice... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  4. Hi Lynda, I love the sofa from Ikea, I am trying to choose the perfect white for a room too right now, for our new home and wanted to ask you what is the white that you use? I remember you had a favorite for white on white, could you help me out?


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